May 25, 2004


Mine life hath passeth before mine eyes.

Today I boldly traversed the newest addition to a section of freeway referred to as the Springfield Mixing Bowl. It is a mile long feels like 15 miles high scare-the-crap-out-of-me highway flyover from the inner loop to 95 southbound. Now I don't much like heights and I truly don't like bridges. This is a terrifying combination of the two. Gotta admit, my heart rate was already soaring when the goddamn check engine light in my car lit up to add to my discomfort.

Good news is I survived but I was all the way to Woodbridge before my palms stopped sweating. Better news is it makes that merge on to 95 south a breeze.

Bad news is my check engine light is still on. Ack well, at least I didn't fly off the edge into oblivion and crash onto the freeway 15 miles below.

It's a good day indeed.

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Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Don't you wish those "Check Engine" lights would be more specific? There should be a "Your Engine is Clogged With Poor Quality Gas" light, or a "You're Alternator is About to Die But It'll Be Good For Another 50 Miles" light. Don't you agree?