November 9, 2005


The fall yellows on the trees this year are quite intense. The leaves have finally started to come down in earnest.

I'll be pleased when the vast number of political signs are removed from the medians, yards, highways and byways. The elections are over. I wonder who is responsible for picking those signs up: the campaigners who put them there or the regular County clean-up folks my tax dollars help pay?

Our dog Pixie balances on three legs while pooing. It's hilarious to watch. She raises up one of her back legs, kinda tucks it under her stomach. Tripod girl, she is.

Virginia elected another Democratic governor. Talking Heads are saying Kaine's victory is a certain sign of deep discontent within the GOP because Bush campaigned heavily in our state for Kaine's opponent. I don't know if it really means anything other than the Republican lost. Yesterday I was talking to my mother who also lives in Virginia. She said, "Well, I broke down and voted your way." Alrighty then.

Blondie's One Way or Another was just playing on the radio. Haven't heard that song in years. It's still perky.

Our neighbor has been picking up sticks and stuff from our yard and hauling it to the curb on yard waste day. Is this an indication she thinks our yard is a mess and that we are completely lazy? I'm slightly paranoid. But really I think she's just being kind. How fortunate are we?



Career Guy said...

'I'm gonna gitcha gitcha gitcha one way or another'--actually kind of disturbing if you listen to the words. But perky. Definitely perky.

The strong winds over the last few days have blown all the leaves off my yard and down the street.

My dog rarely steps in his own pee, I've noticed.

Randomly speaking.

Sam said...

By in large, it depends on the jurisdiction of who is responsible for taking down the signs. Most likely it is the responsibility of each campaign.

That's what Sean told me, anyways.

Congrats on the Dem Gov. Erlich only has a year left cause I'm sure Maryland will be giving him the boot in 2006.