February 13, 2007

In the Soft Glow of the Streetlamp

It is 11:30 pm.
It has been sleeting all day.
It is sleeting right now.
It is supposed to sleet all night.

I glanced out our picture window.
It is all shiny out there.
I spied a bunny in the front yard.
Just hanging out.
In the sleet.

Where is he going?
Why did he pause in our yard?
To catch his breath?
Why is he out in this weather?
Does his mother know where he is?
Why isn't he curled up in his rabbit hole, warm and dry?
Who goes out voluntarily on a night like tonight?

Odd circumstance for a bunny, I thought.
He stayed about 10 minutes then departed.

That bunny could use a sweater on a night like tonight.



weese said...

so... have you begun knitting bunny sweaters yet?
the ice is here now.
i am at work...its sleeting like mad out there.

the only daughter said...

Sweet, bunny sweater.

We didn't have sleet. We had SNOW, as I'm sure you know. A heap, nearly knee deep.

I didn't see any bunnies and scant few humans on my way through the muck. Yuck.

Sarah said...

Isn't it hard not to want to run outside and pick those bunnies up and take them inside where there is warmth and love? Sometimes I wish I could! Then I realize that they are in the wild for a reason...and that I'd fall on my ass trying to run after one anyway and that sentiment wears off fast LMAO!

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day!!

tiff said...

I believe that may have been TUmper, waiting for Bambi to go skating.

SassyFemme said...

Perhaps he was hanging out, sending you telepathy messages that he needed a sweater.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that was such a gay poem. It so didn't rhyme.

This is what I want to know - why is the bunny a he? Hmmm? Automatically you think it's a he. What's up with that? Is everything automatically a 'he?' Are we so entrenched in the patriarchy that every animal and object is automatically a 'he.' Except for boats, of course, boats, for some reason, are always a 'she.'

Let me rewrite it for you (edited becasue I'm a genius):

It's eleven thirt-ay
It has been sleeting all day
It is sleeting now, right?
'N 'sposed to sleet all night.

I glanced out our win-dow.
It's all shiny out there, yo.
I spied a bunny in the front yard.
Just hanging out like a retard.

In the sleet. Word.

Where is she goin'?
Why did she pause?
To catch her breath?
Is she perimenopause?

Does her creative, attentive, organized, patient wife know she's here?
Why isn't she curled up in her rabbit hole sippin' a beer?
Who goes out voluntarily on a night like this?
Perhaps she just needed to take a piss.

Guess who?

nina said...

I'm twisted... I was hoping you were going to put on your coat and tip toe through the snow and turn to Wendy and say, "Shhhhh, be verrrwy verrrwy quiet...I'm hunting wabbits!"

just waitin for the ambien to kick in....


Gunfighter said...

That little bastard was probably trying to find any bulbs you might have planted in your yard/garden.

Rabbits are vermin.

WenWhit said...

If that's the case, GF, then the poor little bunny was no doubt both cold AND hungry... nary a bulb have we planted.

WordsRock said...

eb, aka "anon", the bunny was obviously not female: a woman has the good sense to stay in on a night like that. Doh. Like your poem, tho. :)

GF, I like suburban wildlife, even bunnies and the deer that raid my neighbors gardens every year. Did you know that scattering human hair around a garden supposedly keeps the deer away? I wonder if it works on rabbits.

lol at wen. Next year?

Eyes said...

It's been -10 to -15 here at night --and each night when we get up to let the dogs out -- there is that sweet bunny.

I've thought many times if only I could warm him up! What is he doing out there? Are bunnies nocturnal??

Gunfighter said...

Glad to know you have a soft spot for the wildlife, Words. I do as well, but... well, you remember my efforts making a new garden for Mrs Gunfighter last summer, right?

Well that little sumbitch was trying to eat the bulbs I put down for her... the brazen little bastard would be there digging in the garden when I came out of the house for the paer at 5:15 a.m., and he'd look at me like: "what're YOU lookin' at, fat boy?"

After a few days of shooing it away, I walked past it, picked up the SUNDAY paper and threw it at him! (and I hit 'im, too!).

Take that you litlle fu.... er, rabbit. He ran away sort of wobbily... I think I hurt him pretty bad.

Score one for humans (and Mrs Gunfighter's bulbs)

agoodlistener said...

I wonder what bunny sweaters are made of?

KMae said...

It was hell driving to the airport for work that day. Miserable - everybody was sliding around in the brown snow slush in the streets, SO STRESSFUL.
Be glad you were in watching the little bunny. They are SO cute.

Gina said...

I am laughing that eb thought even for a second that anyone wouldn't know that was her!

We have bunnies over here too, they are soo cute! Ours, however, are enjoying the summer-like 80+ degree temperatures we are having.

Rudra said...

Good words.