October 9, 2007

It Always Rings in the Evening

Sometimes we answer it.

Yesterday, it was my mother. "Suzanne, do you know much about Lotus spreadsheets?"

The last time I touched Lotus was in the 1990s. But one spreadsheet program is much like any other and I use Excel daily. My spreadsheet confidence knows no bounds. "Sure, what's up?"

If you've ever tried to walk my mother anyone through using a software program over the phone, you'll relate to how challenging it can be. If you've ever tried to walk my mother anyone through using a software program you haven't touched in over a decade, you'll relate to how EXTRA challenging it can be.

Success came after a few fumbles.

We chatted.
Call waiting beeped in.
I peeked.
It was The Boy.

"I'll call you right back, Mom."

"Hi!" I said.
"Hi!" The Boy said. "Did you get the message I left on your cell this morning?"

"No, I forgot to charge it. What's up?"

"I lost my driver's license yesterday."

That's the second time I've received a call like that from him. The first was years ago and I can't recall the circumstance. This time it had something to do with his wallet, a toilet, and a two-mile walk with his cast mates to get ice cream in Janesville, Wisconsin.

At times it is best not to ask for too many details.
This is one of those times.

The efficiency of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will now be tested. Will the replacement arrive in time to be forwarded to Nashville by October 21 when he will need it to board the plane home?

Your guess is as good as mine.



Trop said...

When we moved I did a change of address on my VA driver's license and had a new one in a week.

Granny said...

I've had my computer since late 2004.

My husband has still not mastered the signin.

weese said...

boys boys boys.
Ferris called monday night. he had lost his car keys.. and his car was parked on campus.. and its not supposed to be parked on campus..
my doting wife sent him an overnight care package - with 4 extra keys.

the only daughter said...

My daughter lost keys and licenses with precise regularity until...Actually, she's much better these days.


My mother called my cell at 4 this morning (thinking she would leave a message) I surprised her (a little) by answering, wanting to know if I knew how much the ink to a printer I'd given her nearly 6 years ago (and she's used very little -if ever- since) would cost.

teresa said...

Looking on the bright side, many mothers' sons lose their driver's licenses less often in the physical sense than in that legal one.

Gina said...

Argh, is the DL the only form of id that they will take. I hope that trop's experience is the norm.

tiff said...

this is what I have tolook forward to?


(in my job I have to explain things to people with regularity. I often want to shout "why can't you UNDERSTAND this? it's easy!")

Eyes said...

I know the difficulties of trying to help mom on the computer, across the phone line. Ouch!

"You see the little X at the top of the window, don't you? Click on it"

"No, I don't have one."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't!"


SassyFemme said...

You might want to look at LogMeIn Free to help with your mom's computer stuff. It allows you to log in to her computer from your own, take control of it or share control of it with her, and help her out.

Gunfighter said...

Hi stranger... just a quick hello to lety you know that I was thinking about you, two when I drove past the Ft. B area this afternoon!


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Not having his license doesn't mean he can't get home... My hubby had to fly with an expired license.

Since it is a return trip, the airline is less likely to give him a hassle about who he is.

Security is kind of a pain. They'll probably insist on doing a really long check of both his person and his bags.