April 24, 2008

He Did Eat It

The food pictured in the previous post was my very first attempt at making chicken and dumplings. We ate it, a bit hesitantly at first then with greater gusto. Kudos to those who guessed correctly! The mushrooms were an afterthought and I'll probably leave them out next time. Yes, there will be a next time. The dumplings were just as delicious as the ones my mother used to make. Yummy.

The Boy is having decidedly different culinary experiences on his travels:

This proves to me once again that The Boy will try anything. Even the foot of a chicken.

I think I'll stick with my ugly dumplings.



matt said...

oh so thats wot it was! yeah id leave the mushrooms out from now on in!

Beth said...

My girl's Chinese - from Taiwan - and she LOVES eating chicken feet. Don't ask my why!

nina said...

Ha! Mystery solved! Yanno, I have eaten chicken feet. They taste just like chicken!

(bet you didn't see that one coming)