May 2, 2005

Something in the Air?

I'm feeling odd today.

So odd, I eschewed the crosswalk and jaywalked across a busy intersection during my lunch hour.

So odd, while prepping for a job tomorrow, I performed the bank reconciliations in the exact reverse of the way I've done them for the past twelve years.

So odd, I wore brown socks to work with my black jeans and didn't even care (not that anyone noticed).

So odd, I ate the hot and sour soup that Wendy so kindly had delivered for dinner with a cereal spoon. Soup with a cereal spoon!

Yes, I know.
I'm one step away from a padded cell.

Be afraid.
Be very very afraid.



Elizabeth said...

I, for one, am quite concerned about the soup/cereal spoon combo. I'm glad my trip was BEFORE the soup/cereal spoon combo. I would have feared for my very being otherwise.

Gina said...

You and me both!