July 17, 2006

♪♫ One Night in Bangkok Makes a Hard Man Humble ♪♫

Much in the same way one crazy weekend in New York City will breed more than one blog post. Especially since it involved a tangle of bloggers uniting from three different states. Toss in Max's hilarious niece from a fourth state and two titanium Sporks newly transplanted from the west coast and wow. Just wow. There's a novel in there somewhere.

I'm wiped out. Wiped out like a bug on a windshield. But unlike the bug, I'll recover. Kudos to Elizabeth. Her skills as a travel planner and guide are unsurpassed. As I noticed the first time we met her over a year ago, she's shy and much more demure in person than when she's lurking behind her keyboard. I could be lying but I'm not. Or am I?

For now, I leave you with Bloggers Brunching at Zoë. From the bottom left corner, clockwise: eb and Maxine, me and Wendy, weese and her lovely wife.

There is more.
Oh yes.
Much more.
But first, sleep.
Oh yes.

Ladies, y'all are awesome.



WenWhit said...

Perhaps we could solicit an opinion from weese's many-adjectived wife regarding eb's demurity. Pointed questioning, anyone?

scout said...

So Weese's gal pal wouldn't tell you her name, eh? It's probably for the best.

Glad you're home!

WordsRock said...

Silly scout. Of course she shared her name. I just don't know if she wants it shared here, perhaps preferring to be known, as she commonly is, as weese's many-adjectived wife.

So it is written.
So it shall be done.

Whatever she goes by, she is a sweetie.

the only daughter said...

Fab photo. Y'all look you had fun and more.

(lovin the new profile shot)

Val said...

Great pic of y'all. Can't wait to hear the stories from ALL perspectives...!!! So catch up on your sleep and start writin' women!

Crystal said...

Hey, I am that niece!! Someone wrote about me on the internet. I am now famous!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I was curious mmmmkay? Before I asked the personal questions at least I said I was going to ask some personal questions. Weese knows I'm nosy anyway.

Gina said...

Glad you all had a great time!

Yes, I agree that the new profile pic is fab. Although somehow at first glance a bit phallic, though.

Gunfighter said...

Glad that you had a good time and are now back safely.

Jennifer said...

Zoe is the best. I've been to NYC exactly once, and we both managed to find the same eatery. How freaky is that?

So glad you had fun!

KMae said...

You are ALL so beautiful!!!
Thank you for posting the pic, I love it!
It is SO GOOD to put faces to the bloggers & see the couples together! Just love it!

weese said...

'gal pal'
now thats something i don't hear too often.
thats us tho... 21 years of pal-ing around :)

so ...when are we doing it again!

weese said...

oh...and Wendy - i measured...and i am 5'3" - well at least when i am drunk i am.

WenWhit said...

Well, I've been told alcohol is a disinhibitor, so perhaps you exceeded your sober 5'2" stature.

I would request an experiment to determine the precise ratio of alcohol consumption to height enhancement(if any), but the mission of the CRP must take precedence!

C said...

I'm glad you all had a great time! I love to see bloggers coming together for fun! :)

Love the new profile pic too! It makes me smile every time I see it, which is every day! : )

PS. I hope you noticed all the new pics I've added!

SassyFemme said...

Y'all look great! Looking forward to reading more about this!

Anonymous said...

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