July 25, 2006

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

I cleaned our home office today. It was time. Actually it was past time. Way past time.

See, I live by the stack. A stack for everything and everything in a stack. Periodically the stacks get unruly and start misbehaving. They mingle with their neighbors or slouch to occupy more room than initially allocated for said stacks. I have little patience for slouching stacks.

I filled the round file to overflowing. Three times. Anything remaining was officially designated a Vitally Important Paper and placed neatly in the pre-existing appropriately labeled files nestled in a precise row in the lower drawer of the filing cabinet. Filing is fun. When it's done.

I don't alphabetize my home files, I categorize them. While searching for wherever in whichever category I had seen fit to file the folder for "Pet Stuff," I came across a manila folder bearing a label written neatly in my best block print: "Mental Health."

"Huh," I thought. "So that's where I put it."



the only daughter said...

hehehehehehe. I simply cannot believe we were on the same wave runner. I came home from work and did the exact same thing, except it sounds like, less so. I file by categories too--except now, I'm needing to create an outline for the categories, lest I forget--what the heck is in the FOLLY section.
I see your Mental Health and raise you an EscapeGoats.

scout said...

Oh, if only its many messy vagaries could be contained in a single neatly labeled manila folder! May yours contain nothing but magic and wonder.

Elizabeth said...

Did you rearrange your furniture when you cleaned your office? I would have.

WenWhit said...

The office is marvy, darlin. You amaze me.

deb said...

Hey, my office could use a little - hokay, a LOT of organizing.

Do you do windows?

Lorianne said...

oh. my. god. I thought I was the only person whose personal motto is "A stack for everything and everything in a stack." :-)

sporksforall said...

I heart stacks. My work office is stacks.

Stacks can be put into folder horizontally without being sorted. Then they're just stacks askew.

~m~ said...

Oh RATS! I was certain you were going to say you found your apron!

WordsRock said...

tod, great minds.

There will never be rearranging of furniture in the teensy space we imaginatively call the "office." Someday in the not-so-distant future, the space is destined to become our closet.

My apron is still AWOL. I keep forgetting to ask my mother if she's seen it at her place. :(

My mental health file is neat and trim, quite unlike the mess in my head. There, the stacks slouch freely, unrestrained.

That Girl said...

I just did the same thing on Monday. Maybe its something in the air.

Kinda feels a little empty til ya get some new stacks tho, doesnt it?

SassyFemme said...

Mental Health file makes perfect sense with pet stuff, pets improve our mental health, or they drive us insane!

So, can I interest you in about half a year's worth of filing to be done here? :)

WordsRock said...

Oh Sassy, I'd never deprive you of the pleasureful feelings derived from completing such a job on your own. ;)

That Girl, yes it does. I started a new stack this evening in order to compensate for the emptiness!

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Your filing "system" sounds a lot like my own. Stacks are the way to go. Not the most organized system, but it's simple and we know it's in there... somewhere.