April 19, 2007

This Was Then

I'm starting to get all emo about The Boy's upcoming graduation, a mere month from today.

I can't help but think back to his high school graduation. We had a horde of family in for that event. I get a bit neurotic when family visits. Wendy and I hosted a party following the graduation, quite a large party by our standards. I get a bit neurotic when we host a party; the neuroses multiply when it's a major event.

Well. Let's say I used to get neurotic. I've changed since then. Really. I'm far less neurotic. Ask Wendy. She'll vouch for me. Maybe The Boy will too.

But I'm still sentimental. I was back then too, I just wasn't aware of it as acutely as I am now.

So! Flashback to when The Boy was a senior in high school, graduation imminent. It was June 15, 2003, a glorious bright Sunday afternoon, Father's Day, at Tim's Rivershore Restaurant, a charismatic crab house on the Potomac. Gathered around the table were Pop, Grandma Wanda, sister SK, sister Cathy and her daughter Maia, James our temporary son, Wendy, me and The Boy.

I snapped this pic of The Boy and his grandfather, my father, that day. It's a favorite of mine for reasons that don't need words.



Syd said...

You get neurotic when family visits? I get downright pissy.

That is a fantabulous picture.

the only daughter said...

Love the picture for reasons that don't need words.

Relax..it will be swell! :)

Gina said...

That picture rocks!

All will turn out just fine, you'll see. How could it not with such a great guest of honor?

weese said...

you moms...you're all so ... gushy and soft.

Gunfighter said...


Tim's is about a 5 minute drive from my house!


Sarah said...

What a GREAT picture! WOW. Couldn't have planned that one if you tried. LOL.

Hosting parties is a bit nerve-wracking, I feel ya there. But just imagine that great pictures you'll have after this one! If the last one was any indication! :)

Val said...

GREAT pic... be glad to be planning the party AND enjoy it, too! Post some pics!

Eyes said...

I can't believe he is GRADUATING. OMG. I feel like I went through college with both of you now -- for quite some time :)

Sweet photo!

deb said...

What Gina says - that pic rocks! I am so jealous...


agoodlistener said...

Congratulations on The Boy's achievement. I'm sure you had something to do with that.