March 6, 2008

A Dark and Stormy Night

Tuesday evening I retired to our bedroom early after a particularly trying day of work. One window was wide open, the temperature moderate. Wearing only my Longhorn t-shirt I stood in the dark leaning on the sill, enthralled by the action in the backyard.

The tops of the tall trees swayed and bowed their heads, the branches creaking loudly in response to the howling gusts of wind. Soon torrents of rain cascaded through the trees and drubbed on the roof. The tensions of the day washed away in the resultant cacophony.

For the past few weeks, an owl has serenaded us intermittantly from somewhere way up high in the treetops, his rich voice echoing eerily. In the midst of last night's storm, his voice again rang out crisp and clear. Do owls not seek shelter in a storm?

I slept like a rock that night.
I wonder how the owl fared.



Greg Maheu said...

Sometimes I forget how freaking smart you are.

WenWhit said...

And I love it when you get all prosy ;)

Middle Girl said...

Your lines... wow.

agoodlistener said...

I'm with Greg--wonderfully wrought! (If I tried standing outside in a Longhorns t-shirt tonight I'd be buried in the foot of snow we expect.)

chapin said...

What a wonderful image. I'm jealous you have an owl to serenade and I have car stereos.