March 15, 2007

Out of the Blue

Phone conversation with The Boy on Tuesday:

Him: Oh yeah, I'll be home later this week.

Me: What?

Him: Yeah, TC and I will be there Thursday night, we may leave Saturday. (He really didn't say TC. That's a pseudonym. His girlfriend.)

I'm pleased, although instinctively my mind panics, "There is no food in the house!!"

Fortunately, I know how to remedy that.



Anonymous said...

Sooo...what's the boy's favorite food. What do you make sure is in the house when The Boy visits? Inquiring minds.

Gina said...

Trader Joe's anyone? ;)

SassyFemme said...

So what'd you cook???

KMae said...

Spaghetti-O's ??

Val said...


weese said...

my wife would have thought the very same thing....ha!

Unknown said...

Aww! How exciting! What girl wouldn't want to get married and have two mommies as in-laws!!! Exciting. :)