June 13, 2007

Help Mel Win Money

There's $500 on the line.

Hop on over to this site and click on the picture of the skinny lady and her adorable smiling daughter holding bowl of Fruity Cheerios (aka the photo labeled Melodee H.). Each click brings her closer to the $500 prize. Honestly, their photo is the most adorable and deserving of your vote. Go. See for yourself.

Come on now, get busy.
Vote early. Vote often.
The contest ends this Saturday.
There's no time to waste!

Thank you and have a nice day.

PS: Mel didn't ask me to whore her out. I figure it's the least a fellow blogger can do. There's $500 to be won!

UPDATE: She won! Thanks for helping out, y'all!



Mel said...

Wow! Thanks! (You called me "skinny"!) Oh, and thanks for the link to the place to vote, too. ;)

cathouse teri said...

Okay, I did my whore duty. :)

Anonymous said...

whore be done

Gina said...

If there is any whoring to be done, you are the one to do it, my dear!

Sarah said...

Just did my time as well. You got my vote. It helped that you're from WA (I live in Seattle) LOL.

the only daughter said...

Easiest think I've had to do all day.

'sides, all for skinny and fruity. :)

SassyFemme said...


Sam said...

Done and done. I never knew I was such a follower! ;)