July 11, 2007

Our Yard, It's Calling for One

I've been plotting where to put it.

Plotting is hard work. My best yard scheming is done while seated in the lawn chair in Wendy's favorite spot (which has by now become my favorite spot too). My mind's eye plots it placed in potential positions. The superiority of one placement over another will make itself known. Perhaps a rare moment of spirituality will guide me or, more likely, some practical condition will intervene.

When in use, a pleasant cacophony will abound: the clink, the groans, the laughter, the cheers. That appeals. Plus it is a warm weather, beer drinking, suburban thing to do. I've never been particularly good at it, but I know the basics.

It almost counts as exercise, a bit yoga-esque. I was outdoors, on the prowl, scoping, stepping off distances, verifying requirements. One area seemed, and is, particularly well-suited. I paused and assumed the position, following through with a graceful swing of my arm timed with a step forward. My muscles stretched with a rousing cheer, "Hey Suzanne! Damn that feels good!" So I did it again. Nice.

My desire grows stronger daily.
My research led me to this link and I almost swooned.

How sexy is that?
Am I the only one who feels it?



WordsRock said...

Wow. I guess I am the only one who feels it!

Anonymous said...

Most people think of horseshoes as a game for 80 year old men with the belt line of their pants hiked up to their man titties and the hem up around mid-shin to show off those sexy white socks they wear with those darling old, brown shoes.

But I think it would be sexier if you found a picture of two nekkid women pitchin' horseshoes.

e - to the thin ice - b

Know thy audience.

Syd said...

I actually like horseshoes. However, it's not very nice to tease with a link to Maxim which contains no T & A. I'm just sayin'.

weese said...

hmm you do seem to be alone on this one.
while I am certain that horseshoes is a lovely game - i think i would have much more fun designing, placing and building the court.
now there something worth sitting down and have a beer after your done.
that said. I am willing to learn.

Gina said...

Listen, y'all need to just find a nice long patch and play bocce.

Now that's a fun game.

Horsehoes... eh.


otter said...

did someone mention 'nekkid women'??? I could learn to like the game if there were gonna be 'nekkid women'!

sporksforall said...

I've gotta agree with Gina. Bocce. Croquet. Horseshoes are best left nailed to hooves or barns.