July 17, 2007

Something About Turtles

A vacation looms, albeit a short one. I'm in charge of basic planning.

I've previously planned plenty of pleasing pirts*. I'm usually on top of such things, all over it even. But we depart in two days. Until yesterday, no firm arrangements had been made. How have I been sleeping at night!?

Yet things are falling into place even more tidily than I ever envisioned. Have I been needlessly sweating the details, planning vacations ever-so-carefully without real need? Or is the good luck with which this trip is evolving merely... well... lucky?

Perhaps this episode of vacation planning apathy is indicative of me relaxing and going with the flow instead of attempting to strong-arm the current. I've been working on that. From a distance. Turns out it added a twist to our trip. Like lemon-lime, only more interesting.

We'll head north with my mother in her Crown Vic, freshly serviced, Garmin-equipped, replete with snacks and beverages. Ah yes, the Classic American Family Road Trip! There's nothing quite like it and no one way to describe it. (Do tell, when was the last time you roadtripped with your mother, or both parents for that matter?)

We're going see The Boy perform in Hair, of course. Enhancing the flavor of the trip, the retro-hippie theme if you will, we're staying at "a way cool family-friendly earthy groovy place" where we'll be sleeping in a tipi. I kid you not. A tipi.

My mother, as befits her stature, will sleep in the Big House in a real bed with a private bath. Wendy and I will sleep in a tipi. We'll breath fresh air. We'll see stars. We'll hang by the campfire. We'll all vibe the sixties.

I can hardly wait.

* This made me crazy. I was on a "p" roll, I was rolling with the "p", yo! But I couldn't pull a "p" to plug for the word "trip," so I just spelled it backward. Peace, man.



tiff said...

A tipi! Be careful you don't know it over.

It's "tippy," see, and well, that's all I got.

Have fun!

Syd said...

Far out, mannnn.

That actually sounds cool, Suz.

My last car trip with the 'rents was when I was small enough for them to physically stuff my ass in the car. The next one will come when hell freezes over.

But, I hope you enjoy yours ;)

weese said...

so you actually 'chose' to stay in the tipi.
wow man.
can you have a fire in there like the indians did?
will you smoke a peace pipe?

weese said...

{ooo, good reviews for Claude!}

Unknown said...

I love how your mom is sleeping in the big house with her own bathroom and you're sleeping with your partner in the tipi. Nothing at all wrong with that, it will be pretty fun if you do it right ;) Just funny because I thought the line after "sleeping in the big house" was going to be, "and we'll get the small cabin" or something to that effect. The tipi adds more flavor. I like it. LOL.

As for letting things flow..it's so hard isn't it? But there may be some truth to what "they" say about putting something out to the universe, etc.

Fkilgall said...

Try "peregrinations." Wanderings, travels, etc.

Anonymous said...

How amazing! I ran across your blog months ago, while listening to Indigo Girls and googling a line from their "Something Real". I got sucked into the laundry room saga--spouse and I were in the middle of a kitchen saga, soon followed by a bathroom saga. And now this! I _live_ in Ithaca!

Though, as a PhD student trying to write up and defend my dissertation this summer, theater-going is not really on the menu.

But I hope you have a grand time!

Gina said...

Have a great time, be safe.

Val said...

that sounds great! Tipi and all!

I went on a road trip with just my Mom in May of 2003 to Provincetown, MA! It was excellent - she's good companion to hang out with.

agoodlistener said...

"Pirt" is trip spelled backwards? OMG! If you read your blog backwards it...well, it sounds a little like Yoda. Vibe the sixties you will.

Middle Girl said...

The level of bravery exhibited in both the road trip & the tipi sleeping...wow!

Hope you have/had big big fun!

I've not been on a road trip with either of my parents since...what syd said.

SassyFemme said...

Sleeping in a tipi when there's a nice bed and all the conveniences nearby? Oh you two are adventurous! Hope you're having a great time!

nina said...

Hey I own a tipi! Have fun!

Teresa said...

Pilgrimage, too, though the plural form is unpleasant to the ear, so fly with the peregrination tip.

This is my absolute favorite Web tool when I'm stuck for the right word—or a more interesting one: http://www.onelook.com/reverse-dictionary.shtml

Type in a word or phrase that you'd like expressed and it'll return dozens of suggestions—including synonyms, antonyms, proper names and events, related terms, etc.—which you'll then have to wade through carefully since many of them are ridiculously inappropriate, but in the end you're bound to find something you love!