August 29, 2005

Naked Toenails No More

Wendy just finished applying a fresh coat of nail polish on my toenails. I had stripped off the old polish when we returned from vacation. They'd been naked ever since. I'm carefully poised to ensure the polish is allowed to dry uninterrupted. Sometimes I have trouble sitting still. Usually when I am supposed to.

I know many folks enjoy professional manicures and pedicures, some of you even on a regular basis. Not me. My girlfriend takes good care of me. Yet another benefit of living with a woman.

Although there must be men out there who pamper their wives by applying their nail polish for them. Aren't there?



Wash Lady said...

Hmm....mine does.
Although I must be forthright and honest and say that most of the time we get a bit "distracted" and I just wind up going for the professional pedicure.
I do his feet all the time - makes them bareable to look at (no polish tho)

Jennifer said...

Oh, I get pampered. But not like that. To be fair, if he came within five feet of me with a bottle of nail polish, I'd run from the room screaming. :-)

Open Book

sunfrog said...

Ha! Yes, mine always offers; he enjoys doing the polish. And, indeed, he used to wear it himself sometimes, so he's not so bad at it, either. Heh. Makes me chuckle...

y said...

I've offered to do my gf's nails for her, but so far she's turned the offer down.

Sherri said...

I just chanced on your blog and HAD to reply...
My man paints my toenails. I was flabbergasted when he offered the first time. Never having heard of a man doing this for his woman...he has a 9 year old daughter that he learned this loving skill from!!

And I have ugly feet!! He is a saint!!