August 20, 2005

Princess of Unpacking

Gina and Mel often mention how stacks of family laundry are the bane of their existence. But I'm spoiled and our laundry rarely requires my personal attention. I live with Wendy, Mistress of Laundry Efficiency and Dedicated Provider of Clean Fresh Panties.

When we returned from our vacation, immediately she scrambled to unpack our suitcases. Her primary motivation was to begin processing the laundry as we both had to work the next day. A marvelous side effect was that all the crap we brought home with us was put away promptly. I don't recall what I was doing while she was industriously working. I'm certain it was equally as productive.

The whites went in first, fortuitously as it turned out. Halfway through the second load, our washing machine emitted a foul burning smell and ceased agitating. Hmmm. We looked at it, poked a few buttons, gave it a kick, turned a few knobs, looked at it some more. Then we shrugged and decided we'd deal with it later. At least we had clean panties!

Yesterday morning, the washing machine repairman pulled into the driveway and 30 minutes later declared the machine kaput. Lovely. As he headed out the door, he glanced over at where Cosine was fast asleep on the dog bed. She hadn't moved since he arrived. He looked concerned and said, "Is that dog okay?"

I smiled and assured him that yes, she was fine. Just old and unaware. But fine.

Farewell, old washer. You did us proud. We loved the way we could stuff the king-sized comforter into you and have it gently laundered to sweet smelling fluffy freshness. We adored the efficiency with which you processed a load of any size. We cherished the simplicity of your controls, your flexible options for water levels and temperatures, your bright white exterior and your sleek black buttons. Farewell, old washer, farewell.

Now we must go shopping for the replacement. That's something every family returning from a vacation wants to do: spend more money.



WenWhit said...

You went to buy beer, which does indeed qualify as "productive" IMOHO. :)

SassyFemme said...

I think there must be an unwritten rule someplace that says something must go wrong when one returns from vacation. Every time we've gone away there's been something to deal with when we came back. Last time it was the ant infestation for us.

Good luck finding a new washer!

Gina said...

A Dedicated Clean Panty Provider, I am jealous beyond measure.

My parents just bought the Neptune washer/dryer and they are in love with them. A bit pricey, though.

Mel said...

And I'm even more jealous than Gina. You have your own personal Laundress and soon, you'll have a new washing machine. Me? Neither!

Wash Lady said...

Oh, the possibilities.
I'm in love with my washer. And we rarely have dirty laundry in our house either. I like it that way.

Bent Fabric said...

Will you be employing the services of Tina, the career shopper? *lol*

Nickie said...

Wow I miss having a Dedicated Clean Panty Provider. It was so nice having someone to do laundry for me. I seethe with jealousy of you, even with the having to buy a new washing machine. I not-so-secretly love appliances.

weese said...

you put a king sized comfortor in your washer?! wowwee... must be a big one.
let us know what the replacement is. i do so LOVE appliance shopping.

Career Guy said...

I am the DCPP in our house. Wendy and I would get along just fine--no wait, we'd fight over who gets to do the wash. It's quite psychically satisfying to produce a basket of freshly laundered mentionables and un-.

Hmmm. Appliance shopping. We always overbuy. Who needs all those choices? You know you'll only use permanent press and maybe a regular wash. "Gentle" or "Handwash" is just silly. We want a full report on your purchase.

y said...

For a minute there I thought the washing machine repairman was also going to fix the tired-looking dog.