December 22, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen is the brainchild of Leanne, but I picked it up via Jen. Go visit them, right now if you wish, and play along. Or not. But at least leave ME a comment. Even if it is Friday. Or Saturday. Or so on. And so on.

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1. I hope it doesn't take me as long as it took Jen to complete thirteen items. If it does, it will be Friday before I post my Thursday Thirteen. There's probably a law against that. Somewhere.

2. The Boy is down visiting his dad for a day or two. I got a text message from him saying they were discussing their "relationship." It evidently wasn't going well. I hope they can find a way to come to terms with each other. Fathers are special, as are sons. They need each other.

3. Wendy and I went to the mall tonight. All the clerks and patrons were happy, full of smiles and have a nice day's and excuse me's. Except for one screaming toddler perched on Santa's lap. Can't say as I blame him.

4. We do not have a real tree this year. We do not have a fake tree this year. We have a tabletop tree my sister-in-law sent my mother. Evidently she sends my parents a tabletop tree every year. It is made of branches stuck in florist foam. My mom asked us to take it to our house after the funeral. It doesn't have ornaments or lights but we may add some. Later.

5. We bought my mom a body pillow for Christmas with a very, very soft cover made from Pima cotton. I adore Pima cotton. We thought it might be nice for her to have something to hold in bed since she now sleeps alone. Is such a gift creepy or kind? I hope she likes it.

6. Today was my last day of work until next year. Oh sure, I have a few phone calls to make and will check my email and such, but I don't actually have to do any real work-work. Envy me.

7. Uh oh. I'm only on number seven and I'm slowing down.

8. Did I ever mention that my office postponed our holiday party because I had to be out of town for the funeral? How cool is that?

9. Wendy and I will be spending New Year's in the Outer Banks with a bunch of friends. It's a no-bra and pajama pants kinda trip, a laid back way to end the year. We are the token lesbians of the group, although Wendy came home with an odd rumor today that has us believing two of the single heterosexual women who will be there have been hooking up. I'm all like "WTF?" People are strange. I'm too old for that shit.

10. My sister has given up her robes. She wore them for sixteen years. She's still a Buddhist, but no longer a nun. My mind has not yet fully wrapped around the change. I love her dearly.

11. I have a date with my friend Tina to go grocery shopping tomorrow morning. 8:30 am. Damn that's early. I'd take myself later in the day but I don't have a car (see number 2). But it will be fun. Hanging-out-with-Tina-time has been hard to come by of late. I miss her.

12. The Boy sang the Navy Hymn at his grandfather's service. He brought down the house.

13. *insert heartfelt holiday wishes here*

Peace on earth, goodwill to men.



C said...

Have a very very, happy holiday Suzanne!! The no-bra and PJ pants New Years sounds great to me!! I'm hoping to have a little of that myself, of course after I've been fully admired in my hot girl attire and smooched at midnight by my hot guy. : )
Actually, now that I think about it, I think I don't think I'll be wearing pj pants either.. hmm, yeah, I still have to get through this last day of school. Time to banish these thoughts from my mind!!
Happy holidays!!!!

chapin said...

Wow...that is quite a list. I'm headed to Nags Head for a similar gathering except it will be all lesbians. I've never been there so I'm excited.

Elizabeth said...

I don't have time right now to read your list but I'm sure it was absolutely fabulous. That's my comment...and it's Friday. Ask and ye shall receive.

Merry Christmas, y'all!!

That Girl said...

1. I just got out of the hospital with my baby and Im glad we are finally home because
2. I made 1,024 cookies that I plan to give to everyone I know
3. I have 5 Christmas presents left to buy for various people
4. I am usually done my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving and spend black Friday wrapping
5. I give gifts (this year it's cookies) to everyone I see throughout the year - bank clerks, 7-11 employees, neigbors I wave to but dont know, doctors
6. I hate to receive gifts
7. I loathe Christmas with a passion and fail to see why my family and friends insist I celebrate it each year
8. I refused to lie to my kid about Santa and he seems to have survived quite nicely despite dire warnings to the contrary
9. I have been the token white person and token straight person many times and while I can still enjoy myself there is always a sense of otherness about the experience
10. I hope these people are truly your friends and your not a token to them.
11. I too am too old for drama anymore
12. I think a lot of problems can be solved with hot chocolate with liberal amounts of whipped cream on top.
13. I wish you, Wendy, the boy, your sister, doggies and all those you love a peaceful, joyous holiday season and a wonderful year to come.

weese said...

happy holidays Suzanne and Wendy!
(oh..and the boy)

Elizabeth said...

I'm home for lunch because they're painting my office. Hell of a time to be painting offices. I've gotta do something to pass the time so I'm gonna bug you...

I just went to the Navy Hymn link...written by Rev. John Bacchus Dykes. Hmmm. That melody was used for my high school fight song. The words were changed. The Rev. turned over in his grave, I'm sure. I still remember the words. I'll be kind and not recite them here. That's your Christmas present. From moi to toi. Weese will be proud of me because that present was free! Didn't cost me a thing.

Getting your mom a blow up man would have been creepy. Hope that puts things in perspective.

I envy you because you actually like your co-workers and you can take the holiday off. We have off next week too but I can't take it. It's a magazine deadline thing and...with the exception of one, I can't stand the bitches I work with.

Your sister de-nuning herself is a big change, yes? What made her decide to do that?

Maybe you and Wendy were the inspiration for the turning of the straight women. If that's the case, you get two toaster ovens. You're never too old for a toaster oven.

Ok...gotta got back to work and take in the paint fumes.

Oh - #13 - how about...
*Happy fucking holidays, putz*

Ya think that's heartfelt?

Pisces75 said...

Happy holidays to you and Wendy! Look forward to reading about you next year.

Career Guy said...

We have the same sort of tree you have! We didn't want to do it up big this year because we'll be packing for the (ahem) cruise. Kathy ordered a table top thingie from LL Bean. It did come with lights, but we're afraid to turn them on since they will probably dry out the little thing. You're supposed to water it, and we did, but it didn't help much. In case we get busy--let me say it now: Merry Christmas to you and Wendy!

mackleysmom said...
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Mel said...

Merry Christmas!

Udge said...

Merry Christmas (several days ago) and a happy new year to you all!