December 13, 2005

♪♫ We Are Siamese If You Don't Please* ♪♫

I am sitting here reveling in the sheer delight of breathing through my nose.

It's been days since I've had such pleasure. This past week I've cleared gallons, yes literally gallons, of mucus from my nasal passages. Did you just get the same visual I did? A neat row of galvanized steel buckets brimming over with snot? Yummy. Let's try envisioning the interior of my sinus cavities: swollen, red, inflamed, frantically oozing mucus in self-defense. My throat has been raw, my chest wheezy. Can I blame my body for reacting so harshly to the very specific allergen to which it has been subjected? I think not.

I'm going to enjoy breathing clearly for today. Tomorrow my sinuses and I will be descending again into the Third Realm of Hell, the land of the Siamese cat, also known as my mother's house. Knowing we'll be spending more time there has me seriously contemplating suicide a long term solution such as allergy shots.

Meanwhile, share my joy.

Breathe in.
Breath out.
Breathe in.


* Post title borrowed from a Disney song I remember from my youth. Can anyone tell me what movie it is from? My memory fails.



cbar said...

Lady and the Tramp..
: )
Leave it to the 3rd grade teacher! : )

Elizabeth said...

I did not get a visual. I refrained from visualizing. I decided to think in a linear and disconnected manner about your discomfort. It helped me enjoy my breakfast.

Didn't you have a cat that floated up to cat heaven recently? You weren't allergic to that kitty? Figero, yes?

I will, however, share your joy because even though I'm naughty, I can also be nice. But only this one time.

Suzanne said...

Thank you Carm! I can picture those mincing little cats singing their stacatto song prancing around like they own the world. Maybe they do?

eb, yes I was allergic to Figero but not to the extreme extent I am allergic to Siamese cats. As long as Fig didn't get in my face, I was fine. Siamese on the other hand... they can be in another room on the opposite side of the house and still make me miserable. :(


Gina said...

I have been there with the sheer joy of being able to have air moving in and out of my nose without obstruction after a long snotty phase.

I hope that things are going as well as can be expected for you and your family, Suzanne.

Steph Youstra said...

I, however, am merely beginning that stage. May I borrow some buckets?

Word verification? veprrrdr. Meow.

Anonymous said...

I just blogged about this very topic!

Ain't mucus fun?

SassyFemme said...

Oh geez, I just blogged looking for suggestions how to clear a really stuffy nose!

Eyes for Lies said...

Would Claritin help that? Yikes!!!! Poor soul.

Elizabeth said...

Ah yes. I remember the days of dial up. Wayyyyyy back in 1994. Can you believe there was actually a 1994? Wow. I was 33 in 1994 and I thought I was old. If I only knew....

Of course it wouldn't have made a spit o'difference. No one really appreciates the age they are until they're about ten years removed from that age.

This is what I remember from 1994...

(and then something, can't remember what, lights up)

(and then the pyramid lights up)

(and then the key lights up!!!)

I think that was the order...and then...


and then my husband (ex now) would come to me at the end of the month and we'd have a little discussion about the AOL bill being $250.

That was back when it cost $10/hour to surf the internet.

Oh the innocence.


Career Guy said...

I can relate--mucous-wise, not cat-wise. As far as I know, I'm not allergic to animals, but I'm finally getting over this latest brochial episode. Ishould buy stock in Puffs.