June 7, 2006

My Woman's Work

I've often considered writing about what Wendy does for a living, but the task was daunting. Now I don't have to because she did. Much better than I ever could have.

Go on. Read it.



Elizabeth said...

I can't post a comment over there. I expect it will all be fixed by the morning. Make it happen!

I suspicion it's a blogger thing and those people need to get their asses whooped up on.

WenWhit said...

I have to admit... when I first read the title I thought you were going to talk about the laundry again.

Thank you, I think. :)

And EB is right - blogger sucks ass right now. Don't tell Bluebonnet I've gone and validated EB again.

KMae said...

She is a living, breathing Angel!!!! But then, you already KNOW that. WOW!!! I can barely breathe.

Suzanne said...

I admire my girlfriend's work and her dedication to and patience with helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

She is amazing.

tiff said...

And still, she does laundry. Yow.

In a former life I spent some time in the PWD arena, and realized I didn't have the fortiftude to keep up with all the demans that would have been placed on me. I'm not the giving, or caring, or together. I'm deeply grateful that there are people who are.