June 21, 2006

Wiggle When You Walk?

My sister and my mother both have wandering backs. And by wandering I mean periodically their back will go out and they must spend days in bed until their back returns from wherever it went when it wandered off.

My mother had an operation many years ago to fix whatever deficit was causing her issues. My sister hasn't yet reached that point. Recently, however, her back took another vacation causing her life to be put on hold until she recovered.

Bedbound in agony she moaned to me, "I don't want to lose my strut!"

Her strut. Incapable of standing or bending or lifting or moving, looking good while she walked was forefront in her mind. But I understand where she was coming from. My sister is six feet tall, lithe and moves with what I'd call a glide rather than a strut. Whatever you call it, she's quite graceful and statuesque. I'd not want to lose that either if I had it.

It got me thinking about how I walk. I may have described my usual walk as a plod until I recently observed a woman who really did plod. She wasn't a large woman, but I swear I could feel the earth move every time she took a step. No, evidently I don't plod.

But do I glide? Am I graceful? Do I hold my head up, my shoulders back, stepping lightly but confidently as I move? Do I appear poised and competent, feminine yet strong?

That's what runs through my head these days as I walk.
Because I'd like to do all those things.
It's easier in some shoes than others.
But I rarely strut.

I leave that to my sister.



nina said...

I used to strut I think, when I wore skirts and high heels everyday... but as I have finally come to know myself I think I walk confident and sometimes cocky... perhaps as if I am three steps away from breaking into a run head long into a bar room brawl...

ha! I just made myself laugh!

Elizabeth said...

Your walk is a nonchalant swagger mixed with casual determination.

maxine said...

Did she say stagger?

Having walked behind you all over creation in Olde Towne (did I spell that right?), I would have to answer yes to all of the above and definitely agree you do not plod.

In other words, nice ass.

Elizabeth said...

I heard her chuckling in the other room. Now I know why.

Gina said...

I would describe my walk as a sort of desperate lumbering.

Yeah, that soundd right.

weese said...

I think a short video is in order here.

Middle Girl said...

The toes on my left foot seem extremely fond of the toes on my right, they keep tripping me to get together. The treadmill workouts are helping me to train them out of this practice.
My walk is determined and focused, on not tripping.

KMae said...

Come on, Suzanne! Strut with me! (Lead with your breasts (visualize them pointing (ha!)forward) follow with knees then toes in long strides! Wheeee!

Suzanne said...

"Nonchalant swagger mixed with casual determination?" I like that.

"Nice ass?" Even better! :)

Gunfighter said...

Strutting is as much about attitude as it is about grace.

I'm a big guy, built like an aging... ok, middle aged former MArine and football player, but I still strut... and I like it!

WenWhit said...

You are all that and more, darlin. I love your ass. :)

SassyFemme said...

As long as I'm walking on my feet, not falling on my butt I'm happy. Doesn't matter if I strut or not! :)

cbar said...

I always wanted to have a really sexy walk. I don't think I have that at all, except when I'm in heels and a hot girl dress. I have long legs and a long, quick stride. I've been told that one of my male friends (gay) has a much better switch then me... we're been working on correcting that. : )