July 20, 2004

A New Doggie Game!

It has begun. My new game with the dogs. They initiated it. It's been a bit weird adjusting to our reduced numbers, so whenever they ask for anything they get it. I'll give them both credit for this new distraction.

It starts with me sitting at my computer. Cosine comes up under the desk and noses her head into my lap. This pushes my chair back a little since it's on wheels like most office chairs. So I pet Cosine. Then Dudley comes over and puts his nose in my lap next to Cosine's. And I pet him too. After all, isn't that one advantage of having two hands? But Dud doesn't stop there (need I remind you he's a basset hound?). Not content with merely his head in my lap, a stumpy little front leg with a big old paw at the end followed quickly by another stumpy little front leg with a big old front paw at the end find their way onto the edge of the chair. This pushes me back even further. Chairs with wheels on hardwood floors are like that. Wheely.  Dudley quickly has his whole head and part of his body in my lap.

Before I know it I'm moving at a rather rapid pace. Or rather the chair is moving and I'm moving as a consequence of actually being seated in said chair. Cosine is pushing with her chest and Dudley propelling us more merely by trying to keep his paws on the front of the chair and his head in my lap. Tails are wagging furiously at this point. My hands are petting whole dog bodies now. My chair is rolling and I'm petting and dogs are wiggling.

Soon my chair is backed into the wall and the whole thing dissolves into a great big doggie love fest. Good game, yes? 

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Pisces75 said...

That is a fabulous game!