October 27, 2005

Don't Laugh Too Hard

Thanks in part to eb who pointed me in their direction, I received a cheap thrill in our mailbox today: this quarter's volume of the journal Sinister Wisdom. The theme is lesbian mothers and grandmothers. (I'm one of those, you know. The mother part. I'd like to wait a good long while for the other.)

While I always enjoy getting new things to read in the mail, that's not the half of it. The real thrill is that my words are part of it! And my name! In print! Bound into a real book! People may even read it!

The ultimate cheap thrill.
I'm so easy.



Elizabeth said...

Yayyyyyy...I was wondering when that would finally come out. Did ya get all acited to see your name in the table of contents? Can't wait to read it.

Steph said...

OK, so does it count if I laughed at myself when I got confused when you explained the theme? I saw "Lesbian mothers and grandmothers" and so when you said "I'm one of those, the mother part" .... well, I got kinda confuzzled, considering the name of your blog! And then I got a brain.

Congrats --- that's great.

ellipsis... said...


Gena said...

I'm so happy for you! As a fellow writer, I know there's nothing like the joy of seeing your name in print. Just reading this blog I can see what a great writer you are and I think you should do a whole book on Life In The Suburbs, just filled with your interesting observations on life. You've got a really unique voice. Anyway, congratulations!

Gina said...

Suzanne, you rock!

Jennifer said...

Who's laughing?! Just smiling in thrillnessdom for you! That's awesome, girl. Congrats!