October 6, 2005

Eating Crap

That's exactly what I've been doing all week.

We were gone last weekend and, it being the first of the month, I've actually had to work-work every day this week. I've not mustered the energy to go grocery shopping.

I've just been eating crap.
No usual banana for breakfast.
No balanced meal for dinner.

But lunch, oh lunch I've been eating. But did I make reasonable choices? Why would I do that? It would spoil Eat Crap Week. That's one thing about working in Old Town Alexandria. Whether you are in the mood for a great meal or just some good ole bad-for-you crap, satisfaction can be found.

The little ball burning in my stomach is easily explained.
Obviously I've earned it.



Sandra Scoppettone said...

Don't let it turn into acid reflux, dear. It's no joke.

From a very old woman.

Jack the blogger said...

Eating crap is better than eatingf shit, of course you won't have a shit-eating grin. Try it with wsabi.

Eyes for Lies said...

I've just started a really bad habit of snacking on Nutella!

Every now and then, I get up and eat spoonfuls for breakfast. It's delicious!! I'm down two jars now. YIKES. And every spoonful is over 100 calories. No wonder I have a new buldge!

weese said...

I am so spoiled. My wife makes me lunch everyday...and cooks dinner each night.
she also shops every sunday like clock work. and you can bet there is a pot of sauce with meatballs on the stove all day sunday.

Anonymous said...

Geez Weese, you are spoiled. I'm waitin' on the cure for cancer. Hello?! Ask your talented wife what's taking so long.

You realize, Ms. Crap Eater, that you'll soon have to pay the Crap Eating Piper. His name is Randy and he is your special friend.
He will be kind and just give you a little wink that you've been eating crap and you should stop that sort of thing and learn to fllllyyyyyy!


Anonymous said...

I miss eating crap.


But then I catch a glimpse of my newly skinny ass in the mirror and think, "Go to hell, McDonald's."