March 31, 2006

I Feel, Therefore I Am

What are your feelings on luck? Do you believe some people just "fall into" good things or do you believe something else (like fate or destiny) is at work? How have you seen luck (or fate) at work in your own life?

I've never given a great deal of thought to destiny or fate. I can hear myself saying, "You make your own luck." Rather pompous of me, considering the luck I enjoy.

I mean, really. Just look at my life. From start to finish, it is the life of a lucky woman. Seriously. Just take a look. Parents who accept me for who I am and who love and support me without reservation. Friends who not only tolerate my at-times absurd behavior, but who actually seem to appreciate it. A wonderful woman with whom to share my life. An incredible son. And that's just scratching the surface.

I haven't consciously done anything to deserve the riches I enjoy. What else could it be besides luck?

I've known people who, no matter what they do or how they do it or how hard they may try, consistently have things blow up in their face or just plain turn out badly. Is it bad luck? Bad karma? Perhaps. Destiny? Fate? For their sake, I hope not. But I wonder. The same way I often wonder why I am so lucky.

In my life, I feel the least I can do is share the wealth, pay it forward and spread it around by being kind to others. That's my version of making my own luck. Yet I often knock on wood to ward against it slipping away. Making one's own luck is a nice theory, but a little cosmic backup never hurts!



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I cant stand people who dont believe in luck, they are usually beneficiaries of a lot of luck and their refusal to see it as luck and define it as "working hard" makes people like me (the incredibly unlucky) feel like crap.
On the other hand, being unlucky can give you a very Joie de vivre type attitude about stuff that would have other people in therapy.
One morning I awoke to find partner and infant son seriously sick. The usual fun of getting infant to doctor's office and back while convincing other doctor to call in a perscription for partner then dragging sick wailing infant to CVS for perscriptions. i got home at 11 AM, already exhausted, to clean up partner mess, administer meds, change bedding and get everyone settled.
Meantime, my older son was cleaning the kitchen (his chore) and read on the Pamolive that it "cuts grease" so decided to use it in the dishwasher instead of Cascade.
By the time I settled partner and son in, it's 1 PM. I walk by the kitchen to see... bubbles frothing merrily, thigh high in the kitchen.
I walked right on by. Im busy, people.
Later in the day I delievered supplies to my mom in luie of helping her (as I had promised) host a party.
She urged me to take food home so I wouldnt have to cook anything.
I scooped food into various ziploc bags, zipped them, and lifted them up...
Only to find that the bags I had used were factory-defective and not sealed at the bottom.
Some days bedtime does not come quick enough (nor cocktail hour).
I wish I could say this was a really out-of-the-ordinary day.
Im very glad that there are people who not only enjoy the opposite end of the spectrum, but realize they do.
Have a great weekend!!

Taradharma said...

interesting questions...i think i believe in luck, and karma, tho karma as it works in our present life can get distorted by misinterpretations of it. i look for the 'good' in bad situations; i love appreciate the silver linings. Just as 'shit happens,' luck happens -- i enjoy that!

and i know what you mean about fearing being too proud of your offspring (tho you really shoudl be). I feel the same way about mine, though my teen sounds much messier than yours, lucky woman! I adore her anyway.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

If my Bhuddist mom were here she'd tell you you're enjoying the good karma that was produced from the groovy things you did in your past life.

What do I have to day? Uhh... enjoy life, don't worry about where it came from, and treat others as you want to be treated. It keeps me happy.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

SAY -- What do I have to SAY, not day. :P

weese said...

lucky gal.

Crystal A. Fox said...

Just like Donny and Marie say "I'm a little bit country, and I'm a little bit rock n roll". I think it's a combination of luck and hard were "lucky" enough to have found your right mixture! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

My favorite fortune cookie said: There are no rewards or punishments...just consequences!" May all your consequences always bring a smile.

Anonymous said...'re damn lucky to know me. Mwahahahaha.

Have a lucky weekend.

Career Guy said...

That's an interview question I like to use sometimes in practice interview sessions: "Do you consider yourself a lucky person?" It's supposed to go to attitude about life. If you say yes, you're upbeat about life, if no, then not. Some people say they are not lucky, but rather blessed. And that's OK by me.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think I'm lucky. Things get rough now and then, but they always work out in the end.

Anonymous said...

providence, destiny, fate, good fortune...but then we're not inclined to attribute bad times to any of that, although bad stuff happens to people who don't deserve it can work out for good. its a miracle when we can see an inkling of hope in the bleakest of situations, and joy in us whatever the situation. God Bless! -NZ girl.