March 9, 2006


My nose started running Tuesday evening. It hasn't stopped since, gathering steam on Wednesday, adding frequent sneezing and a rough raw feeling in my throat. Who has time for a cold? Not me.

I stayed at work all day despite feeling shitty. See, I work at an office where calling in sick is considered a character flaw. A direct quote from the employment manual: "Man up, Nancy! Get your ass to work no matter how crappy you feel or contagious you may be!" Ayup, I'm pretty sure that's the attitude that exposed me to the cold I currently have. Such a policy is, in my own humble opinion, counter-productive, but since I don't sign the checks I try to play along.

Indulgently I crawled into bed almost as soon as I got home. The TV remote cradled in one hand, a wad of Kleenex in the other, I snuggled into the pillows to soothe my misery with a bit of channel surfing.

I pushed the "on" button. Nothing. I was aware the batteries in the remote needed replacing because it had been acting finicky for a week or so. I pushed the button again, harder this time. Still nothing. Again. Harder. Nothing. Rinse. Repeat. I fought the urge to hurl the remote at the TV.

Did I get up and look for new batteries? Oh hell no. I whined until Wendy did it for me, which wasn't long. Why oh why does she tolerate such juvenile behavior? As soon as those fresh batteries were in the remote, it jumped to life and I relaxed.

It's those little things. Like plenty of Kleenex, a TV remote that works, and a girlfriend who babies me when I'm feeling icky.

I heart those little things.



Anonymous said...

I hear ya.. I've been sick all week... LB has been sending me to bed post haste.. she tells me its in her best interest...


Geeky Dragon Girl said...

One little trick I've discovered with remotes... if it's stopped working because of weak batteries, pop open the battery cover and roll them. By "roll" I mean use your finger to rotate the batteries in place. This usually squeezes a couple more days out of them. Great when you don't feel like getting up to find new ones!

WenWhit said...

And I heart you. :)

Suzanne said...

gdg, I'd been rolling, squeezing, rearranging and reseating those batteries for well over a week. :)

Procrastination rarely pays off.


Anonymous said...

I have a cable remote that is held together with tape and rubber bands. Batteries are the least of my troubles with the darn thing. Every Saturday is THE Saturday I going to walk the 8 blocks to the office to have the thing replaced.

Hope you feel better SOON.

weese said...

and...the tissues MUST be puffs.
i am a bit of a tissue snob. they must be thick and soft.

Eyes for Lies said...

Those little things mean the world to me :) Especially after last week...

whispers said...

glad wendy got you into bed and gave you some tlc.
there is something so wonderful about having those little things done for you, 'specially when you feel crappy!!

for me the tissues can't be puffs (too much fragrance) but everything has to be in arms reach.

feel better!

Anonymous said...

I think those little things add up to one biggie. Like, say the "L" word.


Hope you feel better soon.


Gina said...

Suzanne, I hope you are feeling better this weekend!

Hubba-hubba is usually very attentive when I'm sick. I'm lucky too that way.