March 19, 2006

No One Can Find the Rewind Button, Girl *

Another weekend gone. Whoosh. I blinked and that's all it took.

Friday night The Boy and his roommate stopped by for an overnight on their way to the Big Apple for their spring break adventure. We had the chance to feed them, catch up on gossip and enjoy a bit of youth in the house. The Boy did his own laundry.

Wendy and I had to duck out fairly early on Saturday for a visit with my mother. We left the boys slouching bare-chested and unshaven on the couch, dogs in laps, remote control in hand, surfing cartoons on cable. I wished we could stay home.

Saturday evening found us with my mother for Saint Patrick's Day dinner at the yacht club. Hal was being honored with lifetime membership. The club has been around since 1932. Hal is only the fifth person given such a tribute. They miss him too.

Sunday morning we were in cleaning, hauling, and sorting mode as we continue to help my mom organize and prioritize a lifetime's possessions while preparing for her future. Will this fun ever end? Of course it will. We're working with a deadline these days.

Now we're back home again, poised on the brink of yet another week.

Round and round we go. Familiar yet changing places, faces and routines illuminated by flashes of the past at every turn. For that, I am grateful.

* Post title borrowed from the song "Breathe" by Anna Nalick.



Anonymous said...

It appears the whole 'homo' dilemma totally wiped your readers out. They need a break. It was just all too much.

We don't have very many rules for the offspring, but at our house one that will not be broken is the 'no walking around the house half nekkid' rule. I just can't abide a bare-chested boy laying on the couch watching TV.

A Smirnoff drinkin', gamblin', cussin', ice throwin' teenager? Ok, no problemo. Just make sure you're clothed when you're indulging in all those other vices, kid.

Deadlines are always helpful. Unless, of course, you end up extending them and they then become 'suggestions.'


Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Wiped out? Who's wiped out? I'm right here!

Elizabeth said...

Well, it seems to me gdg that these days you're usually the first to respond to any post by Ms. Suburban LGBTQHWTFENMPEGTHG* but where were you on this one? Nowhere. Nada. Nolo aroundo. Wiped out. I rest my case.

(Lesbian, Gay (hit me with a Slim Jim and throw me in a tub o'puddin' but 'lesbian' should always come before 'gay') Bi, Trans, Queer (Questioning), Homo, What, The, Fuck, Ever, Non, Mashed, Potato, Eatin', Goin', To, Hell, Girl)

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Oh that. What wiped me out was having to clean the house, do laundry, wash dishes, and spend time with the honey. I get in trouble if I spend too much time on blogs instead of with real people. :P

Crystal A. Fox said...

That's how I feel too. I feel like one minute it's Friday afternoon...and the next it's Monday morning...and I still have laundry to do!

Suzanne said...

eb, what have you got against your son wandering the abode half-dressed? Don't you like to admire the fruits of your... uh... labor?

The Boy used to wander in his boxers all the time, although I will admit to insisting on him being dressed when we sat down to dinner.

gdg, are you implying I am not real people? hrumph!

Crystal, I highly suggest you find yourself a partner who takes on the task of loving tending your laundry. Wendy has revolutionized my life.


Elizabeth said...

I don't do laundry either. I've been told it's below me which I believe is a very nice way of saying I suck at doing laundry.

As for the half dressed thing. I guess it's just a little too white trash for me. Not that you're white trash. I'm not saying that so don't think that because I'm not saying that. So just don't think it. I'm just sayin'. For me. Moi.

You're not real people but you play one on TV.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Heehee, not real people. I know perfectly well that blogs all represent real people and I love 'em all. But the honey is not so understanding.