August 13, 2006

Chivalry Lives?

Place: Our local Home Depot
Time: Saturday, noonish

The Boy and I were purchasing drywall, eight 8'x4' half-inch sheets. We had one of those nifty rolling carts, designed for carrying such product vertically, strategically positioned nearby.

Sheets of drywall are, for reasons unknown to persons such as myself, stacked in two-sheet groupings connected by a paper tear strip at each end. Since we were buying an even number, we were loading it much as Noah loaded the Ark: two at a time.

The first two sheets were clumsily maneuvered onto the rolling cart. Sheetrock is heavy, but not impossibly so. More cumbersome and awkward as anything of that size tends to be.

The Boy said, "Mom, if you can lift just a bit higher we can slip them on the cart this way." He motioned in the air indicating a path over the bars of the cart into the center section rather than sliding them from the end of the cart as we had with the first set.

"Well, I can try. But I'm an old woman," I said laughing.

Just as those words exited my mouth, another shopper was passing by. He continued on a few steps then stopped and turned around. He said, "Would you like some help?"

That kind stranger and The Boy had the cart loaded in no time.
I'm a much better supervisor than grunt laborer.



avergonzada said...

Hey there. I'm just blog-snooping, and I came across yours. You and I have a lot in common. I'm just getting ready to send "The Boy" off to college. We refer to him as "San Andreas," as in the fault... He has that effect on our little family unit. OK, power on, over and out.

nina said...

You're BACK! I am happy!

Keeping the boy busy I see. Very good! What's up with the drywall purchase? Need help? For the price of a six pack and a bag of Fritos I can channel Bob Vila like nobody's business!


Teresa said...

I share your delight when a stranger surprises me by offering unsolicited help. It really brightens my day, and it makes me happy to think that others may feel similarly supercharged when I counter with a kindness of my own. : )

Robin said...

Warning: this comment is unrelated.

As you know, I am in the habit of sharing my bad habits with you. Here's another site that many of the Babblers do, and it requires a much more reasonable amount of time.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that chivalry does indeed live-- why make the title a question? Hope you're enjoying the visit with your son...

sporksforall said...

My last visit to Home Depot resulted in much sighing from the woman in the hardware department who didn't so much want to show me how to use the screw sizer. Come to think of it, it may have been a Lowes. At any rate, glad to know Blanche Dubois may have found some solace at HD.

Suzanne said...

Welcome avergonzada. :) We do have a lot in common! You'll fit in nicely around here. Let's not be strangers.

~m~ if you lived closer, I'd have you and Bob over to hang some drywall. You work cheap, girl!

scout, yes. It did brighten my day. Thanks for the reminder to pass it along.

Robin---you are evil, evil, evil. But thanks for the link and feeding my obsessions. ;)

anonymous, the question mark in the title was not questioning whether chilvry exists, but rather whether the post was an example of it. I could have used an exclamation point! :)

sporks, the man who helped us was not even an employee. Bonus!

SassyFemme said...

Oh that was really sweet of that guy to help! I love when people aren't afraid to get involved and help each other out.

Middle Girl said...

Chivalry, random acts of kindness, paying it forward-whatever the name, the result is the same--sweet.

Gunfighter said...


If I weren't out of the state, I'd have been glad to help you!

I'm not good for much, but I'm a big strong guy.


KMae said...

YEA!!!! You're back!!!
So what are you going to use all that dry wall for???
Missed ya!

weese said...

this warms my heart.

no one offered to help me the day i was loading 4x8 plywood onto my cart and into my van ALONE.
(then again - i was doing a pretty good job :)

Bent Fabric said...

I love it when chivalry happens.