August 27, 2006

Eyes Open

" ... Watergate does not bother me.
Does your conscience bother you? ... "

I blame it on Gina. Late again for her Pointless Points game, I departed with my points appetite unsated and I was cursed with Song Lyric Stuckage™. A Lynyrd Skynyrd song lyric no less. It's been days. Days! Still stuck. Eh, it could be way worse. At least I like the song. It could have been something by those Wiggles she mentions from time to time. Those dudes scare me.

The lyrics are bouncing around my mind completely out of context to anything else bouncing therein. They bounce. Independently. It's like a big rubber room in there.

I'm conscious of conscience these days. Does mine bother me? Why yes, yes it does. But only when it should. The key is paying attention. I try to heed its signals. My conscience gives out plenty of signals. Life is copacetic when I heed and act accordingly. It's a good thing. Obviously that's the major role our consciences play. Otherwise what good are they? As useless as a key drawer devoid of keys.

It pays to not fool oneself.
One's conscience rarely speaks without reason.
It's best to make time to listen.

Do you?



Gina said...

Woe betide anyone who gets Wiggles lyrics stuck in their head. They simply refuse to go away.

Hey, at least the Lynyrd Skynyrd song doesn't suck!

the only daughter said...


Conscience Obligation

Yes, I listen to my conscience.

Gunfighter said...

I do, indeed. How else could I look at myeself in the mirror... and Lynrd Skynrd lyrics have to beat the Wiggles... or even the hated Barney!

scout said...

As often and insofar as I can, yes, I listen to my conscience. But I'm an excellent liar—even to myself—when the need arises.

Elizabeth said...

Gunfighter, you realize the lyrics to Sweet Home Alabama are openly racist. I've always marveled at how people overlook the obvious in that song.

I like the groove, I always cringe at the lyrics. Any song that praises George Wallace at his racist zeinith and dismisses Watergate should weigh on everyone's conscience.

Personally, I follow my Jiminy Cricket.

WordsRock said...

eb, the interpretation of the meaning behind the lyrics to that song is long disputed.

There are many who don't feel the lyrics are racist, in part as evidenced by the distinctive "BOO BOO BOO" heard following the line "In Birmingham they love the governor."

That's just one example. I don't want to debate the whole thing, just point out that not everyone hears it the same way you do.

Gunfighter said...


I am aware of the racsit tones of the lyrics of the song... but to tell you the truth, I never worry about things like that.

If I got wound up about every racist in this country, I'd stay wound-up all of the time to no purpose other than that the escalation of my blood pressure.