August 31, 2006

I Craved, Therefore I Created

It had been months since I made a batch of spaghetti sauce. Spaghetti just doesn't fit my image of an appropriate summer meal. Who wants to eat a heavy pile of pasta drowning in deliciously divine meat sauce on a hot summer evening? Not I.

But I craved, therefore I created. Perhaps it is a sign of autumn impending. Where the hell did the summer go anyway?

I've been making spaghetti sauce the same way ever since my mother first taught me how. I think I was around 12 years old. It's not a recipe I've adapted or changed in any way.

Well. Except for that one unfortunate era. A certain someone, a certain woman, concocted her spaghetti sauce using tofu and carrots. Therefore, obviously, it was imperative to craft my own in a similar fashion.

Carrots I knew about. But tofu? New to me. This was long before one could Google their way to expertise on a topic. Could I ask the woman I was gaga over to teach me? Oh hell no, that would never do. Then she'd know I was a tofu novice! How uncool! I was such a dork. I vaguely remember a trip to the library to read up on the every nuance of tofu.

Somehow I must have figured it out because I do recall batches of spaghetti sauce bastardized with diced carrots and blobs of bean curd. I even convinced myself it tasted good. What was I thinking? Who the hell was I back then?

Mercifully I eventually got dumped regained my senses and returned to formulating my sauce as it was intended: the way my mother taught me.

Good stuff, my spaghetti sauce.
It always brings me home.



Elizabeth said...

Is it your time of the month or something?

Gina said...

Trust eb to tie in spagetti sauce and PMS.

Good homemade spaghetti sauce is a wondrous thing, the best I ever had was the recipe of my former BF's mother, who was born and lived in Italy for over twenty years.

That being said, autumn must be on the way in your neck of the woods.

Robin said...

i agree: diced carrot and tofu belong in the spaghetti: NOT

Gunfighter said...

Don't be a tease, Suzanne.

Share your recipe!

If you do, I'll give you mine... and I make GREAT sauce.

the only daughter said...

Yum, there is absolutely nothing like great spaghetti sauce.

The first meal YL every created for me, in earnest (oh, yeah there were a few ooh, mom try this), was spaghetti with homemade sauce. Not at all bad for a first try at 15.

I think something just got added to the weekend list. Yum.

sporksforall said...

All of my mother's dishes of this type (sauce, chili, etc.) involve a pressure cooker. While I find the little rocker thing evocative of childhood, I think I can also safely say that my dishes of this type taste better.

Oh, and IMO, NO tofu instead of meat. Tofu is good if you want tofu. Otherwise, not.

nina said...

Yum! When's dinner?

SassyFemme said...

We're starting to crave more of our cold weather foods and less salads and summer foods.

So come on, share the recipe, please!

LoriSchuster said...

I was just craving spaghetti today because the weather turned cooler. I'm too old to start changing for people-- it's a rather nice place to be. Love me, love my spaghetti sauce.

KMae said...

Spaghetti & MEAT SAUCE!!!!!
Reminds me of every saturday night of my childhood; Spaghetti with Meat Sauce & Lawrence Welk. (HAHA!)
No wonder I'm so wierd...
Yep, we watched Lawrence Welk during Spaghetti dinners. We'd even get up & DANCE (my family did ballroom dancing, my brother & I were a team..)
too much information...

Sal said...

Love any post about spaghetti, I was cooking it with my Mom when I came out to her, good times. But I gotta say, had there been tofu or carrots involved in the making of the spaghetti I'd probably still be in the closet.

scout said...

I love tofu on its own merits, but other than for protein content, it doesn't mimic meat particularly well, especially in dishes where meat is very much expected. And as for vegetables in spaghetti sauce, other than the expected tomatoes and onions, nothing beats asparagus!

Gawd, I love a good freaky ex-girlfriend story.

emma said...

I had a craving for spaghetti sauce too yesterday, must be something in the air. Great story about how love makes us do crazy things, like convince ourselves that tofu and carrots go in spaghetti sauce. Glad you came to your senses eventually!

Jennifer said...

This is the second reference to carrots in spaghetti sauce I've seen in as many days.

It's just wrong, I tell ya.

I'm not even going to acknowledge the tofu.