August 21, 2006

I'd Forgotten

The first night The Boy was home for his summer vacation, I cooked up a big welcome home dinner. I prepared what I thought was enough for an army. There were no leftovers.

An hour later he announced, "I'm about ready for my after-dinner pizza."

He was serious.

And so it has been during his visit. He's the white male equivalent of the proverbial bottomless pit.

When he first left for college, I struggled to adjust to cooking for two. My grocery shopping and meal preparation routines have since evolved, what and how much I prepare modified to suit the new family circumstance. I've found it challenging to revert to my old ways, even temporarily.

After feeding him for the past few weeks, I now wonder how he ever finds the time to nourish himself adequately while away at school. I no longer wonder why his grocery bill is so high.



WenWhit said...

On the positive side, there aren't really any leftovers languishing in our refridgerator destined only for the trash can.

the only daughter said...

Ah yes, after dinner pizza. Very well acquainted with the concept.

What tweaks even more than the budget busting inhalation of all edibles great and small-the fella never gains an ounce. :)

weese said...

I am so glad we upped Ferris' meal plan to the 'gold' level.
I can't wait to see our september grocery bill... we may have to go shoe shopping with all the savings!

Elizabeth said...

Ah youth. Youth, youth and more youth.

The other night T stayed up all night, not one bit of sleep. He showered at 6:30, went to school and came home later that evening and told me about all his derring-do during football practice. On no sleep.

And the eating everything and never gaining an ounce just pisses me off.

~Deb said...

And I thought I was bad with the consumption of every single thing in my fridge! My girlfriend has to worry about me---the bottomless bottom has increased in size lately.

Great post!

That Girl said...

My poor MIL has 10 kids and 6 of them moved out in the same month (long past time for some of them), leaving her with 2 at home.
The first night she called me, begging me to come over cause she had made some hot dogs - 10 packs - then realized it was just the 4 of them.
If you truly want to see a feat of eating prowress, my exs family has to rank up there. A cousin would eat, as him normal lunch, 10 big macs, 2 fila-of-fish, 5 fries, 2 cokes and, if he was particularily hungry, 2 apple pies.
That's just lunch. It was awe-inspiring. Need I say that "skinny" is the best description for him?

NursePam said...

LOL! I first learned about the male appetite while cooking pancakes for my 2 brothers. Then I became a waitress and learned to dread the high school sports team buses. Most of those guys would put away double dinners, including double salads, double deserts, double helpings of bread and endless glasses of milk and orange juice.

outsidemymind said...

Raise your glass to eating plans and lower grocery bills!!! I understand your pain and anticipate the return of my eating machines to their academic centers!! School days school days oh those golden rule days.....

scout said...

Whew! Thank goodness his high grocery bills aren't an indication of a stealth crystal meth habit.