January 3, 2006

These Shoes Were Made for Talking

Hey hey, it's Suzanne's Slippers checking in. My friends call me SS for short. Would you like to be my friend? Come on in. Sit right down. I've got some pics from our New Year's trip to share. Lord help you if you are still on a dial-up.

Aside from being stylish and functional, the Slipper Gods of Good Fortune smile brightly on me. I don't mean to brag but I perform an important role in the process Suzanne calls "rest and relaxation." I'm more inclined to call it complete and utter slothfulness but you won't hear me complain. I've got a good gig.

Yet I didn't spend the whole week propped up! We participated in group activities and pulled our weight. Yo! Alert! I think the keg needs to be re-iced.

Check out the nifty glass sitting between me on the stool. A benefactor brought one for each guest with their names engraved on little silver plates. Sweet! This group has evidently outgrown Solo cups and Sharpies. Who knew?

Man, I don't know what Suzanne is trying to prove here, but she got several other folks to try it too. They were equally as confused but good sports nonetheless. How about you? Stand right up and try it now. It'll be fun, I promise. Snicker.

We also ventured down to the beach. Here's where I will sing the praises of Suzanne's quick and agile grace. Sing! I encouraged her to walk right up to where the waves were breaking. She got us out just before the surf caught my toe. We're a good team, she and I.

I left the coolest track marks on the beach. No lie. My tracks are way cooler than any old sneaker or bare foot or dog or sandal or bird has ever left on the sand. I dare you to disagree.

Here I am all ready to get in the car and go home. We're waving our last goodbyes to the ocean. Until next time, ocean. Keep it real.



Gina said...

SS, we need to hang out! Forget that boring old Suzanne, hook up with me!

Your imprint would be so much more impressive on the golden California sand than on that dreary gray stuff that passes for sand on the East Coast.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad that your slippers got a lovely vacation while I sat at home all holiday long.

They're an awfully comfy looking pair of slippers... This post managed to make my slipper socks feel completely inadequate. Swell, I'll be getting the cold foot, er, shoulder all night. I hope you're happy.

Glad you ladies made it home again safely.

the determined dieter said...

Every time I think this blog is fantastic, it gets even better. You win the gold star for creativity, hands down.

cbar said...

what a wonerful way to blog about your trip!! : )
I love photoblogging especially when it's peppered with your creative chatter!!
: )
I will be attempting to do some similar things now that I've finally gotten a digital camera!
welcome to 2006!!!

weese said...


and ...oow.

Eyes for Lies said...

What fun photography! Pictures of writing in the sand are fun to frame!

Love the slippers.

Hope you had a good trip!

Happy New Year!

Melodee said...

Drat! I wish I'd thought of that first!

You and your slippers seem to have had a super time!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious--love love love it!

Anonymous said...

Envy drips from every pore! The beach! The sand! Those slippers! My giant pink fuzzy ones would faint at the thought of nearling water, but might go for a bit of the keg action. They're fericious, you know, but not fearless. :>
Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Again with all the typos! Sorry.

Bent Fabric said...

I'm jealous! Now I want slippers. How could I have gone this long without owning a pair?!

Anonymous said...

hehehe.. great post!

SassyFemme said...

LOL... cute!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post. Slippers can tell a story like nobody's business...