August 20, 2007

I'm No Poet

Just days after demo
And all through the house
Not a creature is stirring
(Of course there's no mouse!)

Come on down the stairs
See what we've done
Many things we are changing
The fun's just begun!

Look all around you
What's there to be seen?
To me, a blank canvas
Awaiting a theme

There's a door over there
Can you guess where it goes?
There's nothing much left
Just a whole bunch of holes

A pipe drips a little
A pail catches the spill
Yet standing there gawking
Is oh such a thrill

The dumpster is full
The Boy has checked out
Extra muscle is handy
Yes, without a doubt

The next phase will rock
(Expense not withstanding)
Rebuilding feels good
Imaginations expanding!



WenWhit said...

It hurts so good, Baby.

Syd said...

Oh goodness, my body aches, just looking at that.

While you are mulling over the rebuild design, you do know about this...right?

Anonymous said...

Dr Suze is alive and well!
I can't wait for the after pics...this year i hope!

weese said...

this is almost more exciting than I can stand.

Gina said...

Wow! No wonder you've been scarce around the blogosphere! Good luck to you and Wendy!

nina michelle said...

Holy moly! I wish I were closer I just luvs me some demolition!

I can't wait to see it progress!


Unknown said...

OMG I LOVE IT!!! You're not a poet? Give me a break! That was GREAT!!!

KellyNerd said...

so exciting!

sporksforall said...

And this is why we are hiring people to do work on our house. I exude unworthiness.

Robin said...

Wow! This is major! And exciting!

Middle Girl said...

Oh me, oh my what fun!

I have a kitchen
it needs fixin'
come on through
I'll buy the brew.

Not the kitchen? What about the bath? Or the... ;)

Lookin' good and I'm sure it will get better and better!

tiff said...

DOn't you kinda just want to strap on some roller skates and glide around?

Or is that just me? :>

Trish said...

Is it wrong of me that the first thing I thought when looking through those pictures was, "Damn! I wish I was 22 again!"? And does that totally skeeve you out?

Teresa said...

My, what big muscles the Boy has. So, how was that nude scene anyway? Did you look away?

agoodlistener said...

Very well done. Every once in a while we get the bug to tear something down. We've been able to resist so far.