February 29, 2008

BlogFriends '08

Oh yes. We were there.
If you weren't, we may have talked about you.
You're just that special.

A series of photos is omitted from this collection. A baby is involved, one who prefers to remain incognito. His agents demand it. We cooperate without question because we're not like "Alice" on the L Word who signs a non-disclosure agreement and then outs a minor sports figure when it suits her. (Alice, what were you thinking?!)

Imagine, if you will, a large room containing a dozen or so convivial women, when in, astride one of his mothers' hips, struts an adorable six-month-old beautiful bouncing baby boy with a wide toothless grin. The delight was palpable, the infant amazingly compliant and seemingly equally as enamored of being passed from arm to arm and cooed over incessantly. Good times.

On to the photos then. Enjoy?



SassyFemme said...

Love, love, love all the pics!!! Thank you both so much for being here with us that day!

yankeegirl said...

Thanks for the pics! It looks like so much fun :)

Landlady of Fat said...

OH dear god.

Do me a favor replace all the pics of me with a pick of Halle Berry.

Muchas grassy-ass. :)

p.s. It was awesome to meet you! :)

Jesse said...

ROFL.. wow.. I need a haircut. Smoking rocks!

Anonymous said...

Those are great pics!

could you send us the pics with the wee litter?

ps tina, if you turn into Halle then your mine all mine!

Landlady of Fat said...


alter rigo said...

nice box

weese said...

That baby was too cute.
Who handed that baby to my nurturing wife?!

Middle Girl said...

Niiiice. Very Nice.

Val said...

Great pics... and that baby (who has very nice agents!) was adorable!
SO nice to finally meet you guys!

nina michelle said...


These are great pictures! I have never been in the same room with that many lesbians in my life. I would probably blow a gasket.