March 12, 2008

"Don't You Fret"

I stared blankly at my computer screen as my mind wandered off as my mind tends to do. Worrying I was, as wont I am, this time contemplating whether The Boy will pack enough Immodium AD to last his entire trip. It's the one medication everyone agrees is essential for traveling in Asia. But how much is enough? I repeatedly attempted to devise a reasonable equation. The variables are too many and I obsessed with no success.

I thought of my sister. She offers a strategy for anxiety management I call the bubble technique. When something is worrying me, I imagine it tucked comfy-cozy inside a buoyant bubble. My bubbles are translucent with shimmery changing colors, prismatic soap bubbles on steroids. Often the size of my fist and never smaller than the average green grape, the bubble, once burdened with my worries, is imagined floating off into the netherland. I wave farewell. The worries, along with the bubble, disappear in the distance.

I've sent a lot of worries floating off via bubbles this week. The title of the post is advice from my son. I'm working on taking it.



SassyFemme said...

I imagine it's hard work taking that advice. He'll be okay, he's been raised well. :)

DB said...

Hmm... interesting concept with the bubbles.

I have several large bubbles that I need to work on.

sporksforall said...

I like the bubbles. Do they ever actually float away?

Middle Girl said...

The territory is familiar; to be excited for and about the opportunity & adventure and worried over details small and large.

He'll be fine. You'll be fine.

Safe travels & happy times to the young man. Peace.

weese said...

I too like the bubble concept.
I am going to try it on my very next worry.
(you may want to publish that handy immodium algorithm... )

nina michelle said...

ooh exciting times for the boy!


Anonymous said...

It's the nature of being a mom, isn't it? Constantly blowing the bubbles, hoping they don't burst too often.

Don't you fret.

Good advice, you know? I'd say *someone* raised him well. ;-)

Val said...

He'll be fine... you'll be fine. ;)

Lachlan said...

Unless he's traveling in the Hinterlands, he should be able to replenish his Immodium stash if need be. :)

Love the bubble concept.