June 5, 2008

Continuing Education

I've often felt less than adequately prepared to advise my son in how to best pursue his career of choice. What I know about his field would barely fill a thimble; I learn as he goes.

It is a recurring jest for him to inquire why, when he was obviously such an adorable and precocious child, I did not whore him out for commercials or appearances in other media where adorable and even not-so-adorable children can accumulate a resume and financial portfolio before they can even count.

Alas I did not know then where his heart would lead, not that it would have made a difference. I was am merely a parent trying to not screw my kid up too badly. We laugh every time.

He really was a cute youngster. Maybe I should have whored him out.

This Asian tour has been an education for me. Lesson 1,340,223: Everything is subject to change. The schedule is not firm until it is. Lesson 1,340,223A: This may result in downtime, perhaps lengthy. Lesson 1,340,233B: If the employer is reputable, they will: 1) Fly you home then back when the tour resumes, or 2) Give you cash instead of airfare so you can do something else until the tour resumes. Your choice.

So it is that The Boy spent the month of May free-form in a foreign land, exploring and experiencing a part of the world in a manner I cannot even begin to imagine. He's still there. And he's doing it on someone else's dime.

When I shared his situation with a dear friend, she replied, "Your son officially sucks." I totally knew what she meant. Who couldn't use a month on the beach? As it turned out, the break in the tour couldn't have happened at a better time: the earthquakes hit China ten days after he left.

Lesson 654,503, courtesy of Sir Elton John: Just allow a fragment of your life to wander free.

I gotta get around to that myself someday.



Anonymous said...

Seems to me a fragment of your life *is* wandering free. And that you had a lot to do with making that possible.

SassyFemme said...

Wise words, but in this often micro-managed, time starved life, it's hard to allow any fragment to just wander free.

agoodlistener said...

I like that idea: our daughter happens to be the fragment wandering free--living in Ireland. We're freshly back from two weeks there. Wonderful trip. She turned out to be a masterful (mistressful?) planner, with fun things to do everyday.

Val said...

I like what Jennifer said. Very cool that he got that opportunity to travel.

Suzanne said...

I like what Jennifer said too.

Anonymous said...

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Paul said...

Very wise thought Jennifer, I like it very much.


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