September 7, 2009


Am I the only blogger with draft posts that never see the light of day? I was rummaging thru my 287 unposted drafts and came across this oldie written in October 2007. Was this a meme? I don't remember.

30: 1977
  • I was 14.
  • A freshman in high school, academic success easy.
  • I lived with my mother, my step-father and my sister in the suburban house where I grew up, in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • We had Mutt, the family dog, and two white cats, Angel (mine) and Mush (my sister's).
  • My father and stepmother lived in southern California.
  • I knew every inch of my neighborhood and beyond.
  • I rode my bicycle everywhere.
  • Except to school. There I walked, carrying my clarinet.
  • I was in the symphonic and marching bands.
  • I adored band.
  • I had yet to become a rebellious teenager.
20: 1987
  • I was 24.
  • The Boy was two.
  • I drove a cherry red 1983 Mustang GT.
  • I had what could, still to this day, be called my favorite job as the office manager for a 32-person architectural firm.
  • The Boy's father and I had been married for five years.
  • We had a husky mix named Paisan.
  • My sister lived nearby.
  • My mother and stepfather lived in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • My father and stepmother lived in Portland, Oregon.
  • We purchased our first house in the suburbs.
  • The shit, it hit the fan in 1987.
10: 1997
  • I was 34.
  • Divorced, out lesbian. Alrighty then.
  • The Boy was 12, attending his eighth year of Montessori school.
  • There were seven kids in his class. Ten years ago, it was all about those kids.
  • We lived in Woodbridge, Virginia and commuted 12 miles north to his school in Mount Vernon.
  • We had three pets: Cosine, Detail and Figero.
  • I drove a 1992 Toyota Corolla wagon.
  • My sister lived in Sedona, Arizona.
  • My mother and stepfather lived just south in rural-ish Virginia.
  • My father and stepmother lived in Portland, Oregon.
  • I was self-employed as a bookkeeper.
  • I had yet to meet Wendy, but I knew Tina.
  • I was dating someone but in hindsight, seriously, wtf what I thinking?
0: 2007
  • I am 44.
  • The Boy, 21, is a working actor and college student.
  • I live with Wendy, my partner of eight years, about five miles from where I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and over a thousand from where she grew up in small town southeast Texas.
  • We have two dogs, Dudley and Pixie.
  • I drive a 1999 Toyota Camry.
  • My sister lives in Sedona, Arizona.
  • My mother, a widow, lives in semi-rural Virginia.
  • My father and stepmother live in semi-rural Washington State.
  • I appreciate my employer and strive to give my best.
  • I am a peri-menopausal woman recovering from empty nest syndrome.
  • Expect the unexpected. Life is gentler that way.


Anonymous said...

287 drafts? Wow!

Okay, so how about 2009? What would you write today?

Middle Girl said...

You're not the only one with drafts. Though, you may be the only one with nearly 300. :)

Landlady of Fat said...

Oh I loved this! I just may have to steal it! :D

I'm down to one draft that's just sitting there waiting for inspiration...

Teresa said...

Oh, I definitely have unposted drafts. The difference between us is that there's a reason most of them have never seen the light of day—and the rest were previously posted but then taken down once my real name became identified with my blog: I may have written a few things I didn't need my family members reading.

Er, they're not reading your blog, are they?

Val said...

This was cool and I just might steal it too! :)

Jackie said...

Hey, hey, and your awesome friends! The Jackie! The Martin! YEAH! I love you.

Jackie said...

Oopsie. This is the Flaps, not the Jackie.

Gunfighter said...

I am so stealing this and posting it later this week.

Gunfighter said...

I am so stealing this and posting it later this week.

Sherab Khandro aka "Shey" said...

Absolutely love this post! I love the way your mind works and I absolutely adore you!