March 8, 2014

We All Start as Strangers

This paragraph is from a piece written by Brianna Wiest found here in its entirety.  It makes me think AND feel, a delightful combination. 
"We all start as strangers. The choices we make in terms of love are usually ones that seem inevitable anyway. We find people irrationally compelling. We find souls made of the same stuff ours are. We find classmates and partners and neighbors and family friends and cousins and sisters and our lives intersect in a way that makes them feel like they couldn’t have ever been separate. And this is lovely. But the ease and access isn’t what we crave. It isn’t what I’m writing about right now. It isn’t what we revolve around after it’s gone. We are all just waiting for another universe to collide with ours, to change what we can’t ourselves. To fill us, to make us whole. It’s interesting how afterwards, we realize that the storm returns to calm, but the stars are always changed and we don’t choose whose collisions change us. We all start as strangers, but we often forget that we choose who ends up a stranger too."


Martin said...
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Martin flaps said...

We are strangers. And then we make forts and fires, and then we fuck it all the way up, and then years later I at least look back and thank the universe for what we had.

Suzanne said...

@Martin flaps
I am also grateful for those times.
I love you.