January 14, 2005

I Love the Internet

I arrived home not last night but the night before to find Wendy standing in the kitchen. The room was sparkling and the house smelled fresh. My girlfriend was leaning alluringly against the dishwasher with a smile on her face.

"Ho ho!" I thought. "She was waiting here for me to arrive!" I greeted the dogs as I crossed to where she was standing and gave her a more-than-friendly "hi honey I'm home" kiss.

It was then I noticed the dishwasher running. She looked at me and said "Um, we have a little problem." I stepped back and cocked an eyebrow questioningly.

"The latch on the dishwasher door is broken. But I didn't notice it until there was water pooling on the floor. Now I'm leaning here holding it shut until it finishes running."

Ack! Her alluring stance was not intended to allure at all! It was a practical pose. Okay then.

So we chit-chatted about the day as she leaned and the dishwasher ran through the cycles. After it finished, we opened the door to investigate. The broken piece was easily identified. Fortunately, it isn't anything mechanical at all. It is just a big metal hook thing with the tip of the hook snapped off.

The coolest site on the internet for a homeowner who has a broken appliance (and what homeowner doesn't at some time or another?) has got to be RepairClinic.com Less than five minutes after logging in, the part had been identified, ordered and is winging it's way to our humble abode.

If only plumbing were that simple.


weese said...

ooo, now there's a good link.

Udge said...

Yup, some few things have become very much easier over the last few years.