January 21, 2005

Snippets ...

.... of a telephone conversation with my mother this afternoon.
My Mom: "I knew you were a good writer way back when you wrote that story in the fourth grade about the talking school desks! And I so love that Toaster thing you wrote for us!"

Me: (thinking oh hell yeah, that desk story WAS way cool! and how does she remember something that old? and my mom is great for my ego when I let her be!) It's so out of the blue. If I didn't blog, I wouldn't have this opportunity.

My Mom: Well I don't understand what a blog is or why you would have one. Hal tried to explain it but I didn't get it.

Me: (thinking there is no way in hell I can explain to her why I do this, which is why I've not mentioned it to her before) It's like an on-line journal, Mom. I'm practicing writing. It's fun and interesting. I've also gotten to know some terrific people.

My Mom: I just don't understand why you'd want to put anything personal like that on the internet. If you want to write, I'll buy you a notebook, okay?

The conversation then switched to the rods in her toes and how the doctor told her not to soak her feet any more.

Now my mom "gets" a lot of things. She's a fabulous mom in so many ways. But she doesn't get the "why" of writing. Or the "why" of blogging. At least not my "why." Not yet anyway. Truthfully, I'm thankful she wasn't more curious about this place. I love my mom, but she hates it when I cuss. She might not like it here much.

I wonder what percentage of bloggers have mothers who read their blogs?


Kate said...

You know I think I told my dad about my blog. I know my uncle wrote me asking about it, but I haven't heard from him since about it. Hmmm....oh well, I'm writing for myself mainly (pay no attention to traffic creating sites at the bottom of my page) so that's been good, to have some kind of outlet.
By the way, your joke you left on my blog, I actually laughed for like a minute straight when I saw that. Maybe I should have a contest about who I am in that pic or something. ;)

Pisces75 said...

I try and explain my blog to my coworkers, and my mom and they don't really get it either. I get the same question, "Why would you want to put someting personal on the internet?"
I tried to explain the community feeling that is involved, and how you get to know others. I think you have to experience it to really "get it".
When my mom visited mine...she said it was too detailed for her and not very interesting!!! haha. Although, I don't disagree...I am not a very good writer (like you). It is an outlet for me and I think that is what I like the most.

Steve said...

You must be a long lost sister, we have the same mom, even down to the rods in her feet! Mine had polio and I've had to hear about it for 31 years! She hasn't seen my blog yet and she'd think I was a "political freak" but hey what are ya gonna do.

Melissa said...

I would never let my mom near my blog. Which is insane because I keep a secret hidden undisclosed blog that I use for times like when she absolutely drives me batty, just in case she did find out about the real blog. My dad, on the other hand, falls more squarely into your mom's camp, wondering why I would bother when talking on the phone is so much easier. I guess my ego just craves a forum I can control.

trisha said...

My mom read mine until I posted something not so nice about her.

elswhere said...

My mom reads my blog, my dad doesn't (yet). I haven't figured out a good way to tell him that's just casual enough. It's a little like coming out. Also, since my mom and brother already know, I'm worried his feelings will be hurt. But of course the longer I wait, the worse that issue will be...

Now what is this writing opportunity of which you speak? Is it something you blogged about already and I missed it?

MsT said...

*snort* "If you want to write, I'll buy you a notebook." LMAO - that just tickled my funny bone! I can just picture my mom saying something like that. She was so freaked out when I visited her in September and had an online friend visit - kept hovering over us, waiting for Deirdre to pull a knife or something. She lives in frickin' Westport, CT - Martha Stewart's neighbor! Hmm...I guess that *is* a little scary.

Eyes for Lies said...

My mom doesn't get writing in a blog either. She knows what they are but could care less...until she has a point to make to the world and then she is telling me..."write this in your blog...write that in your blog".

I go nuts. She's never had any interest to ever read. Never even asked where to find it!

But, she too, has been a splendid mom :)