April 27, 2005

After All, Art Is Subjective

Sam of the Shoe Box clued me in to this interesting method of expressing displeasure with our current political administration.

The artist is a freaking genius.

I didn't think anything could make shit more unappealing.
I was wrong again!



Udge said...

Love it, what a brilliant idea.

J said...

Amazing. I love that you can download the artwork, make your own flags, and find more shit to post about.

Elizabeth said...

Let me fill you in on a little something...

First you're gonna get to the pearly gates and St. Peter is gonna have this check list. Ok? And on it, I think number 27, is 'Are you a homo?' and THEN number 49 is 'Did you in any way disrespect George Bush, devinely appointed President of the United States at the turn of the 21st century?' and THEN number 87 will be 'Have you ever ridiculed anyone for any accessory she may have been carrying?'

Now...I really don't want to be the bearer of bad news because I like you and I think you're a very talented writer and you are a very honest and sincere (so I've read by others) person...but...



J said...

Wow. I can't really tell if that was supposed to be funny, or well, hateful. If meant to be funny, I think it failed miserably....then again, it also failed as hateful.

I think it was probably supposed to be hateful, because I don't know if queers still use the word "homo" to describe each other. Though, I'm not every queer and can only speek for myself.

Personally, I think the "yes" answer I'd reply to questions 1 and 2 would get me into heaven faster (assuming I believed in the whole heaven/hell thing)

As for question 3...I have no rebuttle. Guilty as charged. However, I don't think telling my mother that the "fanny pack" phase is over will qualify me for hell.

pinkme said...

That was soo friggin funny, although a little less funny because I was eating lunch.

Elizabeth, way to show your compassionate, christian self right out the door.


Elizabeth said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news J, but not only are you hell-bound for being a homo (and that hair cut...not very heavenly) but question 36 is 'Have you ever had an affinity for The Cure and do you realize that the lead singer has no idea how to apply lipstick?' I'm sure you're a lovely person but you didn't think my post was funny so...cya.

Pinkme...ok, yer goin' to hell for liking the movie 'Grease.' I'm not sure what level of hell Dante set aside for people who like really bad movies but let's just say you'll 'feel the burn.' It's nice that you like all music but...cya.

Mwahahaha! Hey I know you guys are going to hell but you should really chill out before you get there.

WordsRock said...

J, pinkme, meet my irreverent over the top friend Elizabeth. She's a homo too. I've never called another lesbian a homo before, but in her case I'll make an exception since she started it. :)

It warms my heart to have commenters leap to my defense. Even if that's not what you intended, it's what I feel you did. Thanks J. Thanks pinkme. :)

And Elizabeth, I told ya. Over The Top, you are! That dainty yellow purse was the biggest clue!

Career Guy said...

Anyway, back to the topic...I think we should take back the flag. The conservative right seems to think they own it. (A note on the gay pride flag: before I knew what it was, my son had the t-shirt with the flag on it from some concert. I always thought the multi-colored flag was a better picture of America than the red, white and blue. Hmmm--Can we maybe borrow your flag?)

J said...

Damn. How'd she know I liked The Cure??? (But Morrissey is better)

pinkme said...

Oh, hehe, I feel silly!