April 22, 2005

I Don't Know Much, But I Know I Love You *

I'm not too proud to admit it.
I really don't know much of anything.

Just off the top of my head, however, here are a few things I do know.
  • I know I'm looking forward to visiting The Boy this weekend.

  • I know I'm so looking forward to it I may even plead with him for the privilege of doing his laundry. (Maternal feelings are raging out of control. Obviously.)

  • I know I'm looking forward to scoring some North Carolina barbeque while we're down there.

  • I know it's supposed to rain all weekend.

  • I know the dogs will bring in rainy day yard mud on their happy little toes.

  • I know, as of this morning, Cosine no longer will be fooled into eating cheese with pills hidden inside.

  • I know I'm curious in a train wreck kind of way to find out why six police cars with their lights flashing and sirens howling raced down our residential street last night.

  • I know there is a barlett pear downstairs in the kitchen, ripened to perfection and eagerly awaiting my consumption. I can already taste its juicy goodness.

  • I know that a self-proclaimed bad-ass dyke, while in Virginia or anywhere else on the planet, should never carry a lovely ultra-femme yellow silky purse on a thin dainty string. It's just not done. Or if it is done, the one carrying said purse immediately gives up the right to label themselves bad-ass anything and is henceforth and thereafter vulnerable to relentless neverending ridicule about the aforementioned purse, lovely though it may be.

  • I know when I titled this post, I was thinking of my girlfriend.


Corrine said...

You have a great blog and I've read it many times. I would like to encourage you in the following way:

Carry the purse!! It does in fact make you more bad-ass since now, you're willing to take the jokes and ridicule from friends. To stay within the lines of conduct would make you less bad-ass and that wouldn't be good.

Pisces75 said...

My dogs enjoy taking their pills in cheez whiz, instead of cheese. Since they have to lick the blob of cheez whiz off your finger they swallow the pill while licking. My vet also recommended peanut butter as an alternate form of pill hiding. Just a tip I thought might help.

WordsRock said...

Corrine, I've never been a bad-ass anything. I'm the one who is dishing out said jokes and ridicule! :)

I think you make quite a valid point however. Perhaps the real bad-ass dyke with the froo-froo purse will appreciate it.

I'm still gonna tease her though, oh yes I am.

Jaap said...

great log, found you on blogrank

Elizabeth said...


Corrine, you are so BRILLIANT!