April 19, 2005

My Mom Rocks

Part of my lunch hour yesterday was spent shopping for a new journal. The book I picked out is 5"x8" with 240 pages and has an attached ribbon to mark my place. It has a nice heft and a smooth, soft black cover. Spiral bound was what I had in mind, but this one has a traditional binding. It is filled with graph paper pages instead of blank or lined. Graph paper pages are my favorite thing to write on.

I don’t get to write in it right away. It was purchased specifically for a trip I’m taking with my mother next month. My mother is taking me on a trip actually.

Shortly after this conversation, she called again.
My Mom: “Hi sweetie, have I caught you at a bad time?”

Me: (a little cranky but smiling anyway) “Hi Mom. This is as good a time as any.”

My Mom: "I have a proposition."

Me: (slightly hesitant because my mom has come up with questionable propositions in the past) "Oh?"

My Mom: "Remember I've told you about the trips Hal and I have taken with Elderhostel?"

Me: (remembering they go all over the place and take interesting classes. She's into sewing and needlework of all sorts and her husband is into woodworking. They both are very creative.) "Of course. You call it Old Folks Camp."

My Mom: "I would like you to take a vacation with me in May."

Me: (thinking a vacation with my mom? Just the two of us? Good thing I quit smoking!) “Oh?”

My Mom: (starting to sound excited) “Yes, there is an Elderhostel camp in West Virginia. One session offers a quilting class I’ve been wanting to take. There is creative writing class you could take the same week. Wanna go?”
As the idea turned over in my head it almost sounded fun. Good thing, too, because I knew I was going even if it didn’t sound like fun. There are some things I will always do for my Mom---giving her some time is the least of them. She's always given me hers.

I’ve never taken a writing class in my life, am not sure I want to, and who knows what this one will be like. I’m bound to meet some interesting people though. Worst case scenario, I'll have a week to sit and write all day long.

That's the worst case and the best case. A whole week to sit and write all day long. In the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. In late May.

My mom rocks.
Truth be told, she drives me batshit too.
It's all part of her job description.
She's good at it.

How'd I get so lucky?



weese said...

I will be travelling with my mom later this year too. Actually, my wife suggested we take the trip. My mom is always trying to buy us stuff. she says she wants us to enjoy the money while she is alive. She also wants to travel but her friends are getting to old to really travel well. So my clever wife suggested I travel with her, she foot the bill - everyone is happy.
My mom can make me crazy too - but she is so thrilled about the idea.
It will be an adventure for sure.

Cris said...

I envy your relationship with your mom. There was a period of time in our lives where my mom and I had a passable relationship, but I think that was more about her being needy and me needing to be needed. Once she found someone else to fill her needs it was back to the same old craziness.

cherish what you have with your Mom, and give her a hug from me!

The Lioness said...

I could have written those 4 sentences abt my Mum as well. And, as it turns out, the worst case scenario is also the best blogging one, think of all the raw material! I for one can't wait to read abt it.

Mel said...

I'll be totally waiting to hear all about it! Creative writing class will be perfect for you. :)

Bent Fabric said...

I concur. Your mom does ROCK!!

Eyes said...

I laughed at the batshit part. I think all mother-daughters eventually get that way.

My mom has told me in no certain terms could she ever live with me again!! I was flabbergasted at her honesty but accepted it.

Gee, thanks Mom...could that be because I am so much like you LOL?