April 25, 2005

Freeways, Cars & Trucks

After our travel experience this weekend, one would never get even the vaguest of notions that fuel prices are at record highs. Coming home from North Carolina, Wendy and I sat in a 20 mile bumper-to-bumper backup on Interstate 95. Such joy. Such fun. Such regret for consuming that large cup of coffee.

We did, as always, stop in South Hill for gas and snacks. It's about the half-way point and the restroom is at least quasi-clean at the Racetrak gas station. While there, we paid $2.21 a gallon for gas and felt pleased.

After hearing the traffic report on WTOP about how long the backup on the Interstate was, we slipped over to Route 1 which parallels the interstate. It has a lower speed limit and traffic lights. But it moved, which is more than we can say for the highway. On that road, we saw gas for sale as low as $1.98 per gallon. We also saw an incredible amount of development in progress: homes, business parks, strip malls. The suburban sprawl is spreading quite rapidly it seems.

Fascinating useless facts from the east coast of the United States.
Now your day is complete.



Jennifer said...

Nearly right by my house and no call, no letter, no skywriting...

I'm devastated, I tell you.

Hope you got some good BBQ, though. :-) And South Hill is where we *ALWAYS* stop en route to Richmond or C'ville.

Gina said...

Crappy driving conditions aside, I hope you all had fun this weekend!

I try to make it a rule that if I am going to be driving longer than 20 minutes to never drink much.

Dontcha just hate rest stops/public rest room type things?

MsT said...

Gas under $2 a gallon???? Maybe there's hope!
$2.33/gallon in Sedona

Elizabeth said...

Tom Waits fan? Your real estate value just went up.