July 7, 2005


When I read one of the abundant news stories about some horrific thing that happened to a child, my first thought is, "Oh no how awful, so young, only fill-in-the-blank years old!"

Then I feel a palatable sense of relief, thinking, "Whew. The Boy made it safely past that age."

I wonder what that says about me.



Elizabeth said...

I think the exact same thing.

Perhaps it says that you realize how vulnerable young children are and you're glad yours was able to make it through that passage without a similar trauma and that you have ONE LESS THING to WORRY about.

Anonymous said...

What Elizabeth said. Everytime I realize there's one less thing I have to worry about my Terror doing I feel relief. Then I think about all the other ways he can really get screwed up... sigh.

Favorite Quote:
Does this job ever end?

Morphienne said...

Whenever I hear an ambulance or fire-truck siren, the first thing I pray, without being able to help myself, is that it's not for anyone I love. THEN I pray whoever it's for is okay.

I think it just says that you don't want the people you love getting hurt.

weese said...

yup. one less thing... i agree. my wife cringes everytime she hears the ambulance go down our street and she doesn't know where exactly Ferris is. Funny - she never thinks that way about our daughter.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

What does it say about you?

It says you're a mother.

Gina said...

Yup, a Mom for sure. One day I hope to be in a similar position.

But I think I've got at least 12 more years to go. Oy.

whispers said...

It says that you are a mom. and that you worry. When I hear sirens, my breath still catches until they pass and do not go to my house. The kids do not even live there any more (they arent kids anymore), and as far as I know the dogs can not dial 911, but the reaction is still there.

Jack the blogger said...

It says you are prefectly normal and have love for your child. Don't change.