June 13, 2004

Morning is Better with Caffeine

Our world is back in balance. Well mostly anyway. I just delivered a steaming cup of coffee to my sleepy girlfriend in her weekend mug. Sitting next to my keyboard is my weekend mug, filled with the dark rich brew certain to open my eyelids and inspire me to be a productive member of society.

Our weekend mugs are from Disneyland and were a gift for taking care of a teenager for a week several years ago. He was pretty low maintenance, well behaved and polite, used to being on a short leash. I'm sure he enjoyed the modicum of additional freedom while his mom was out of town. Our home was a little (most likely A LOT) more laid back than his. Our parenting style afforded a bit more independence.

When his mom came back, she brought us these mugs as a thank you. Mine is yellow inside and out with a picture of Pooh. Wendy's is off-white on the inside and black on the outside with a picture of Tigger. The mugs have a nice balance and are somewhat oversized. Not oversized in a way that makes the contents cool off faster, as some mugs can be. These are just taller than the average mug.

That's why they became our weekend mugs, necessitating fewer trips to the kitchen for refills. So firmly is their status as weekend mugs entrenched, I don't think we'd ever dare use them during the week. It would just be wrong. The Boy never used them when he lived at home either. It was an unspoken rule of sorts: keep your mitts off our weekend mugs. He was intuitive that way.

So while this day has dawned dark, gray and hazy outside, inside we are full of sunshine and happiness. The weekend mugs are filled with coffee and during this treasured weekend morning ritual, all is right in our world.

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