March 7, 2005

Here's a happy birthday wish for my friend Tina, who has, albeit just for a few months, caught up.


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Gel said...

Happy BD to your friend! I enjoyed reading your funny post "Older Than Dirt." I'm not in the habit of celebrating my "1/2 B-day" although when my kids were younger we sometimes did for them. However, my 1/2 B-day was recently. My kids know better than to verbalize *out loud* any phrase w/ "old" in it, to describe me, even though I have a good sense of humor. Besides, we're a theatrical, artsy family so, yeah, we're nuts. LOL

I have a few friends including a dr. friend who constantly teases me about that few months age difference! I used to be able to get away with people thinking I was *much* younger, but then my daughters grew 10 ft, learned to talk in sentences, so appearing like a new young mom doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Young? What's that? Young at heart.... for those of us over 30.