March 20, 2005

Evidently We're Still Teenagers

I saw it first out of the corner of my eye. Blurred eyes not quite all the way open after a hazy late night. There it was in the mirror. I was the only one in the bathroom so I knew I was looking at myself. Granted, it's small yet still it jumped right out at me.

I remember lecturing The Boy's First Serious Girlfriend about such things. Lectured is really not the right word. Whined is more like it. Got all motherly and gave the "unacceptable never want to see it again aw come on give a mom a break if you freaking have to at least put it where I can't see it dammit" speech.

And now this. On me. There it is as plain as day. Maturity, come to find out, is intermittent. Even for quote unquote old folks.

I'm certain in this instance it was accidental. Perhaps incidental? Evidently these things can happen without intent. Indeed this experience exhibits just that. In the heat of the moment, a slip of a lip can become a visual reminder of a moment not really in need of a visual reminder to be remembered.

Yet there it is. Until it fades and only the memory remains.

And the damned thing better fade. Before The Boy arrives home tomorrow for spring break.

The memory, however, I'll hold on to.



weese said...

so THIS is what happens when they go off to college.

weese said...

so THIS is what happens when they go off to college.

Gel said...

Smiling, but also thinking ahead. My oldest goes off to college later this summer....unless there's more twists of fate.
Interesting post.

Princess Wild Cow said...

Hot damn, you rock!

cbar said...

Oh no!!! Suzanne!!
WHile I applaud and love all the effort they take---I hate them in themselves. Sigh...I always just say no when it comes to the love bites. ; )