September 11, 2005

Maybe You Live in a Vacuum...

... and haven't realized that football season is upon us.
Or maybe you ... gasp ... don't care about sports.

Oh September!
Oh October!

The happiest months of the year for fans like us! Baseball goes into playoffs as a new football season begins.

Tina asked me what we were doing on Sunday. I said we were hanging out with our fantasy friends to watch football. She looked at me funny.

"Your fantasy friends?" she chuckled.

Today was all about football. Football and fantasy friends and jello shooters. I wonder how old one has to be to no longer appreciate a good jello shooter. Evidently I'm not that old yet.



weese said...

great football weekend!
we even went over to our local sports pub for the late games yesterday.
we were each watching a different game - eating greasy food - drinkin' a pitcher.
(of course my fantasy team totally tanked this weekend..but i am still happy its football season.)

Gina said...

I'm with you on the baseball, but alas, must leave you alone with your football.

A good jello shooter is fine at any age, says I.

Anonymous said...

The one good thing about being in Houston this past weekend was watching Texas beat Ohio State in the midst of a gaggle of wild, rowdy Texans. Amazing stuff!

Damn glad football season is here. Damn glad.

Anonymous said...

Won my first fantasy game and as they say in the south..."I'm shitting in tall cotton." Don't even talk to me on Sunday...and I substitute gummy bears for jello shots...Hangovers kill me these days!

Sandra Scoppettone said...

You wonder how old one has to be to no longer appreciate a good jello shooter.

I wonder how old I am to have never had one...and to find the idea a little disgusting.