September 30, 2005

Road Trippin' with Tina

For a hundred and fifty miles or so. Tina will be accompanying Wendy and me on a road trip this weekend. She was going anyway and somehow got stuck lucked into riding with us. It will mark the first time we have travelled in the same car with her anywhere besides around town.

I wonder. Will she have to stop every twenty minutes for a pit stop like my sister? Will she insist on controlling the radio? Will she fall asleep in the car and snore? Is she a backseat driver? Will she cringe and gasp at my driving? I predict no to all but the last.

She'll only be with us for the first leg of our weekend travels. We are the advance scouting party for parent's weekend at RMWC in scenic Lynchburg, Virginia. We'll spend Friday night with her and her daughter, a senior at said college. (Shall I mention that her daughter will be turning 21 this weekend? Why of course I shall. One must be very very old, veritably ancient, to have a daughter turning 21. Don't you agree?)

Saturday morning we will abandon Tina to whatever fate has in store for her. Wendy and I will depart for North Carolina to see The Boy. Festivities shall abound! Or something like that.

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. I still can't believe it's our third college parent's weekend. Third! Yikes. Only one more to go after this one. Time flies, indeed it does.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! I'll be having enough fun for all of us, leaving the rest of you free to be productive members of society. Try to hold up your end, okay?



Anonymous said...

Have a great time!
Lynchburg has TERRIFIC Chinese food (if only I could remember the name of that place...), particularly crab rangoon, which I am freakin' CRAZY over.

Also, it's a shame you're not going near the end of next month, the fall foliage in Lynchburg is gorgeous, and we're not even going to discuss the N.C. leaves (because I don't want to cry over a blog note, dammit).

Gina said...

Have fun!

I pride myself on being a thoroughly unproductive member of society, and I'm not about to change just cuz you're going on a little trip, missy.

BTW, I know you have no control over it, but the word verification down there is the longest damn thing I have ever seen! It has nine flippin letters.

The things I do for you.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but my slackerdom is firmly entrenched.

Eyes for Lies said...

Hope you had a great weekend :)