March 8, 2006

Hair Control

Control is a recurring theme in my life of late.

Of late?
Oh who am I kidding. I've always had control issues.

I popped by my friend Tina's house last week to pick up some groceries.

What's that? You don't go shopping at your friend's house? Well I wasn't actually shopping. She had shopped for me. At Costco. A dish of chicken enchiladas for dinner and two large cans of coffee. Kirkland coffee is a bargain and it's quite good. I had also run out of coffee filters, so she supplied me with a short stack from her pantry. Yes she spoils me, my friend Tina.

As I was leaving, she asked if I had considered wearing a headband or using clips in my hair.

Both of my hands flew to my head.
My crazy long hair!
Her first mention of it!
Was this a positive mention or one into which I should read a more sinister truth?

"Tell me the truth, Tina. Please. Does it look horrible?"

She paused as if considering a tactful response. "No, no. Not horrible. Just kind of fly-away."

I, of course, heard "wild" "messy" "crazy" "out of control" instead of fly-away. But then again, how else can "fly-away" be interpreted?

Our phone rang the next day. It was Tina, saying she had something for Wendy and me to play with. "Oh?" I queried, knowing with her that could mean just about anything. (If you know her, you know what I mean. It's all good.)

"Remember we talked about your hair? I picked up some things for you to experiment with."

Tina, the ultimate caregiver.
She's a mother hen with an expansive brood.

I've never really had enough hair to use clips or headbands or accessories of any sort. I'm oddly excited by the prospect. Is that my inner girly-girl peeking out?



Geeky Dragon Girl said...

I think my inner tomboy beat up my inner girly girl and made her run away YEARS ago. Anytime my hair gets long enough to wear clips and things I have to run off to get it trimmed.

Have fun with your new accessories! Take pictures of your wild hair experiments!

tiff said...

Go ahead and play with it! I recommend gel and a blow-dryer for first out of the gate - spiky hair! Wee! Then, when you're done laughing (or admiring the fierce look), wet it down and scrunch it and clip it back and wow the neighbors with your new sassy look.
I say these things only because that's what I would do, and have done. Hair product = a little bit o' fun.

Anonymous said...

I want to see this hair...having given up trying to grow my hair out forever, I will be extremely jealous if you are successful at it. Even with short hair, I have to use "product."

Eyes for Lies said...

I'm the queen of fly-away, fuzzy, fluffly -- over-the-top, too much hair!! It's curly, wavy and has a mind of its own.

If you need any insights - - don't hesitate to ask.

weese said...

I love reading about your hair dilemmas. I am in the middle of one myself right now. I undstand completely.

Gina said...

Oh, embrace her for a little while, at least!

I am a big big fan of headbands, as my hair is long and all one length. I'm a bit iffy on clips, it really depends on what type they are. Usually they remind me of elementary school girls.

Anonymous said...

ARRGH. I went to a salon for the first time in years this weekend, my 20 y.o. daughter's loving prodding. Their marketing hook is in and out in 45 min. (which is awesome for black hair care professionals)-anyway, HATED. IT.
My hair; short in front & top-not by design-home perm OOPS. As result, becoming a fan of the headband. Trying to stay away from braids (frenchies along the side, like a crown) did that most of last year, too much breakage. Texture all wrong for dreds, which I wouldn't do on a bet anyway.
Basically, too much hair, too little time, not nearly enough energy. Calgon....take me away...

Crystal A. Fox said...
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Crystal A. Fox said...

That's why I go as short as possible and with as much hair products as possible! LOL! :)

Kami said...

Came over from SassyFemme's...

Love this about your hair. The best friends are the honest one!! ;)